5 Best Features of Bajaj Pulsar 220F That You Should Know

Bajaj Auto – the Indian motorcycle brand has always had a reputation to experiment with new ideas for its motorcycle line-up.

One such experimental motorcycle that became a phenomenon the moment it was launched was the Pulsar 220 F. The 220 F was the semi-faired version of the Pulsar 220. Compared to the naked Pulsar 220, the 220 F was more aerodynamic and had a low drag coefficient. The aerodynamic nature and the low drag coefficient of the bike were the results of its semi-fairing. The outcome was simple to understand. The 220 F was the fastest Indian motorcycle in the nation for quite some time. 

Several other aspects allowed the bike to become a huge success. Some of those aspects or rather the best five features of the Bajaj Pulsar 220F are mentioned below: 

1. The Engine Was Phenomenal and the Bike Came with the Necessary Features


The 220 CC engine on the 220 F was the same that was found in the Pulsar 220 naked street bike. The engine had a single cylinder and was paired with a liquid cooling system. At first, the bike came with a standard carburettor. But in later production years, Bajaj replaced the carburettor with a fuel injections system. The engine also came with Bajaj’s DTS-i and ExhausTec technologies. One can still find this engine today powering the Avenger 220 Cruise ! The engine was tuned to produce the peak power and torque outputs of 21bhp and 19Nm. The engine was paired with a smooth-shifting five-speed gearbox. The transmission was re-engineered with tall gears. The engine delivers power linearly to the rider. One can surpass the 100 KMPH speed limit in no time on this bike! The tall gear ratios ensured that one would not have to downshift every time one wanted to overtake traffic. The liquid-cooling system on the bike was quite efficient. The engine remained cool especially when one had to ride through city traffic.

In terms of features, the bike came with the most essentials. They are mentioned in the sections below:

  • The bike was equipped with a traditional telescopic fork suspension at the front. The rear wheel came with twin shock absorbers. The rear suspensions were also equipped with reservoirs for gas/liquid. The gas/liquid present in those reservoirs offered an additional dampening effect to the rear wheel.
  • Bajaj also equipped the bike with dual disc brakes and single-channel ABS
  • The rear 120-section tyre offered impressive all-weather traction.
  • The bike had a long wheelbase. It meant that the seats on the bike were spacious. Bajaj also made sure that the seats were contoured and well-padded. To enhance the aesthetics of the bike, the seats were split in two!
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2. The Bike’s Colour Options Were Very Attractive


Bajaj offered the 220 F in impressive colour options. They are mentioned below: 

  • Volcanic Red
  • Pearl White
  • Sparkle Black and
  • Sapphire Blue

3. The Bike Came with an Aggressive Price Tag


The last updated Bajaj bikes price list for the Pulsar 220 F shows a price of Rs 1, 36,998, (ex-showroom). It means that at that time, no rival brand was offering a 220 CC bike at that price.

4. Overall Design and Handling of the Bike at its Time Were Second to None


The bike had a design language that was ahead of its time. No surprise that the bike still turns heads on the streets even after being on the market till 2022! The bike had a muscular appearance thanks to its semi-fairing. The projector headlamp unit flanked by twin integrated pilot lamps demanded second glances. The wide tyres, twin disc brakes, sleek tail end and long wheelbase made the bike very appealing!

The handling of the bike was also in league with the Pulsar 150 – the best-handling bike of all time! The Pulsar 220 and 220 F were based on the Pulsar 150. Hence, the chassis, rear swingarm, suspension settings, etc. were similar. It means that the 220 F handled well on corners and straight lines. The rear swingarm was reinforced and performance-oriented. This was a crucial addition to the already perfect package. The re-engineered rear swingarm helped the 220 F to offer confidence-inspiring rides to riders every time.

5. Rider-Friendly Ergonomics


The rider-friendly ergonomics of the bike ensured that the rider always sat with a semi-aggressive stance. Hence, city or long commutes did not leave riders with aching backs.

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The bike has been discontinued by Bajaj Auto to make room for the N250 and the F250. However, the 220F still attracts bikers whenever one can spot the motorcycle on the road.

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