schedule of charges

 Loan Foreclosure Charges 

 3% on principal outstanding amount if foreclosed before 12th EMI is billed + GST (As applicable for loans disbursed w.e.f 22nd July 2015)

 Partial Foreclosure Charges


 Statement of Account Request (e-mail or website)


 Statement of Account Print at Branches

 Rs 118 Per Instance

 Duplicate NOC

 Rs 295 Per Instance

 Late Payment Penalty

 3% per month for the unpaid instalment + GST (As applicable)

 Installment Bounce Charges (prior to 01.Aug.2017)

 Rs 413 per return

 Installment Bounce Charges (Applicable for loans disbursed w.e.f 01st Aug 2017)

 Rs 531 per return

 Swap of Repayment mode

 Rs 590 Per Instance

 Vehicle Repossession Charges

 Rs 3540 Per Instance

 Change in EMI Due Date

 Rs. 590 Per Instance

 Vehicle Parking Charges

 2-Wheeler - Rs 59 / 3-Wheeler - Rs 118 Per Day