schedule of charges


 Loan Foreclosure Charges 

 3% on principal outstanding amount

 Part Prepayment charges


 Bounce Charges/ EMI default charges

 In case of defult of repayment instrument Rs 450/-

 Duplicate NOC charges

 Rs 500/-

 Penal Interest

 Delay in payment of Monthly instalment shall attract penal interest at the rate of 3% per month on the Monthly Instalment outstanding, from the respective due date until the date of receipt

 Mandate Registration charges

 Rs 118/-

 Mandate rejection Charges

 Rs 450/- per month from the first month of due date for mandate rejected by customer's bank until the new mandate is registered

 Swapping charges

 Up to Rs 600/-

 Hypothecation Charges

 MC -Rs 120/-,CV- Rs -150/-

 Loan cancellation Charges

 Rs 1000/-

 Stock yard Parking changes

 TW -Rs 59/- & 3W Rs 118/ days for 60 days (max)

 Legal, Repossession and incidental charges

 Up to Rs 5000/-

 Processing fees

 1% onwards

 SOA Charges


 Broken period interest / Pre EMI Interest

 “Broken Period Interest/Pre EMI Interest" shall mean the amount of interest on Loan for the number of day(s) Which is
Scenario 1: Over and above the period of 30 (thirty) days from the date of disbursement of the Loan Method of recovery of Broken Period Interest/Pre-EMI Interest: Amount to be added in first instalment amount.
Scenario 2 : Less than period of 30 (thirty) days from the date of disbursement of the Loan, Interest on first instalment will be charged for actual number of days