What is ABS in Bikes - How It Works and Why It Is Important?

Gone are the days when the bike manufacturers used to choose drum brakes for installing in bikes. These brakes could only serve the purpose for the commuter bikes and not for the sports and all-terrain bikes. Drum brakes consist of a brake shoe. So, when you apply the brakes, the brake shoe expands and touches the lining of the drum. This fiction induced between the drum and brake shoes helps the vehicle to stop. When these brakes are applied, it is quite natural that a bike may skid as it does not work on ‘Wheel Locking’ principle. Henceforth, to avoid skidding, Anti-lock Braking System was introduced. Let us get a deeper understanding of what ABS in bikes is.


What is ABS in Bikes?


ABS refers to anti-lock braking system, which is a safety feature to avoid skidding of vehicles. It works by stopping the wheels from locking up while braking, thus maintaining tractive contact with the surface of the road.

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How ABS Works in Bikes?


Here’s how ABS works. This kind of braking system comprises of three parts, namely ECU kit, Brakes and Wheel Speed Sensors. It is usually installed on the rear wheel. These speed sensors are mapped in such a way that they keep monitoring the possible lock-up of the wheel. So, the sensor is, in turn, connected to the Electronic Control Unit, which allows the wheel to roll for some distance and lock in regular intervals of time. This is how ABS works in bikes.

This one-of-a-kind technology helps the passionate bikers to ride amidst all conditions. ABS usually comes with disc brakes, but it cannot be installed with drum brakes. Premium bikes like KTM Duke 250, Bajaj Pulsar 220 come with in-built ABS.


What are the Advantages of ABS in Bikes?


The main advantage of ABS is that it prevents the biker from falling or skidding. There are some passionate bikers, who have taken up stunts as their profession. Whenever they do stunts like a stoppie, ABS comes into play. Well, ABS is not recommended for dirt bikers as they usually drift when they go on the circuits. MotoGP riders use the slipper clutch and when they lean on the curves, ABS comes into play as they continuously rip the vehicle with the brakes.

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The technology is so advanced now that you can turn on ABS whenever it is necessary and turn it off when you off-road. The disadvantage of ABS is minimum when compared to drum brakes.


What is the Importance of ABS in Bikes?


Earlier, ABS was installed only in bigger vehicles like premium buses and cars. Considering the number of accidents that are taking place in today’ scenario, the manufacturers have started implementing ABS in bikes as well for the betterment of road safety. Even though it is expensive, the technology has been working efficiently irrespective of all terrains.

As per the Regional Transport Office (RTO), it is mandatory to install ABS on bikes that come under the category of 150cc. Though bikes with ABS come at an extra cost, you can meet the investment expenses by availing Bajaj Finance two wheeler loan . If you wish to know whether you can pay the monthly installments, you use the bike loan calculator to check how much it would come to.

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