Bajaj Pulsar 180F vs Pulsar 220F - A Quick Comparison

The Bajaj Pulsar range has set higher milestones for other bikes by being the bestsellers throughout many years. It has changed the way the Indians commute from one place to another and redefined motorcycles in India. The Pulsar series includes many models, each with their speciality.

The Bajaj Pulsar 180F and Pulsar 220F are very similar in looks as the Pulsar 180F styling is inspired by the latter. The Pulsar 220F was released long ago and has been one of the best seller bikes of Bajaj that garnered a lot of praise. The 180F is the new model launched recently that is regarded as a value addition to the Pulsar series. Basically, it is the Pulsar 180 with the Pulsar 220F body kit. However, there are some significant differences that you must know. The various aspects on which they differ are as follows.


Both the bikes are remarkable in various aspects, especially the comfort in the seats provided by the cushioning. Their seating position is the same. Though the bikes look undeniably similar to one another in their fairing and fitting so much so that they can easily be confused with one another, there are subtle differences.

  • The Pulsar 180F body has a matte greyish-black finish with neon accents and graphics. This is a fresh touch to the bike newly launched. However, the 220F has a glossy finish to it.
  • Moreover, the 180F has a plastic belly pan fairing that is absent in the 220F, and the wheelbase for the 180F is shorter by five millimetres than the 220F.
  • The 220F has a stiffer suspension as compared to the 180F. Because of this reason, the 220F has slightly better handling.


The Bajaj Pulsar 180F is more affordable than the Pulsar 220F. For most people, Pulsar 180F would be a preferable option because they can get almost the same design and features as that of the 220F for a lesser price. The only prime difference would be that of the power.

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A 180cc air-cooled engine powers the Pulsar 180F whereas the Pulsar 220F is powered by an air and oil-cooled 220cc motor engine. On account of this, the power of the Pulsar 180F is a little less than that of the Pulsar 220F. However, this power difference is not that huge that it might affect your buying decision, especially for first-time buyers. Moreover, the engine fo the 180F is smooth, and the ride is delightful. The Pulsar 180F is, however, expected to be slower than that of 220F because of the additional weight. However, if you shift the gears timely in the 180F, then you won’t even feel the difference in power between the two bikes.

Where to Drive?

One of the significant differences between both bikes is the fact that the Pulsar 180F is for driving majorly in the city. However, the Pulsar 220F can be taken on long rides on highways.

These are the four significant differences between both the bikes of the F series in Bajaj. Both bikes are fantastic in their own way and designed for different bikers. It is up to you to decide on which one to choose as per your needs and requirements. Moreover, Bajaj offers bike finance help to you by providing two-wheeler loans to you at amazing rates.

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