Book Your Bajaj Bike Online in a Few Clicks, Know How?

Bikes are the most comfortable, affordable, and most effortless modes of commuting. They give you a feeling of freedom while riding. Many people prefer using motorcycles over cars, as they offer several benefits. The primary reason why people prefer motorbikes is they are cheaper than cars. They also require less maintenance cost than cars.

Benefits Of Motorcycles Over Four-Wheelers


1. Bikes are fuel-efficient, i.e., they can cover a long distance in one gallon or litre of fuel than cars.

2. Motorcycles require less space to park. If you live in a city, you may indeed have come across the problem of parking a car.

3. They offer far better performance and are easier to use than cars.

4. For riders, bikes offer freedom and allow them to experience a thrill. They enable people to make a strong relationship with nature.

5. Many bikes require fewer production resources. Hence, they are more eco-friendly than cars.

6. More importantly, bikes have proved to have a less damaging effect on bridges.

7. Riding a bike has health benefits. It helps strengthen your knees, neck, mental wellness and burns calories.

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How To Buy A Bajaj Bike Online?


Everyone wishes to have the best bike that can fulfil their demands. More significantly, mileage is significant to consider while buying a bike. Bajaj bikes are the best ones in terms of mileage. Moreover, they are reliable and have a sporty look.

You can now buy the desired Bajaj motorcycle online from Bajaj Auto. The option of purchasing a Bajaj bike online has even made it more accessible for people. Moreover, you need not worry about a bike's cost, as Bajaj Auto Finance offers a two-wheeler loan option.

Let us see the steps you need to follow for Bajaj bike online booking.

1. Visit the official website of Bajaj Auto - .

2. Click on the 'Book Online' option to start the process of buying a bike online.

3. Now, select your favourite Bajaj bike by hitting the 'Book Vehicle' button.

4. That option will direct you to a page where you need to fill in the information, such as state, city, and dealer name.

5. Once you fill in the details, click on the 'Book Now' option.

6. Here, you will have to register and create a new account if you are a new user. Hit the 'Register Now' option.

7. Fill in all the information, mark the checkbox by agreeing to all the terms and conditions, and click on 'Register'.

8. After the successful registration, a message box appears displaying 'Successful Registration'. Click 'Okay'.

9. A page showing the selected bike appears. There are three terms listed. Mark all those three terms and select 'Confirm and Pay'.

10. You need to pay the booking amount of Rs. 2000.

11. Choose the listed payment options, fill in the required information, and click on 'Make Payment'.

Once the transaction completes, Bajaj Auto will reserve the selected bike for you.

How To Avail Of A Bike Loan From Bajaj?


You can also apply for a bike loan online at Bajaj Auto Finance with few clicks, as follows:

1. Fill in all personal and bike details.

2. Check your eligibility to avail of the loan.

3. Once you are eligible, you can proceed further with the loan approval.

4. After the loan gets approved, generate the loan approval letter.

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Bajaj Auto Finance has made it easier for people to buy Bajaj bikes with a bike loan or two-wheeler loan. You can buy your favourite Bajaj or KTM bike without harming your savings. They offer a two-wheeler loan at low interest rates.

Moreover, with a few clicks, you can carry out Bajaj bike online booking from Bajaj Auto Finance's official website. No need for cumbersome documentation procedures and standing in queues for hours!

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