How to Buy Bike on EMI - With Low Interest Rate and Long Tenor

How To Buy Bike On EMI?

The Indian economy is going through a phase of transition in recent times. The banking sector has been very aggressive in disbursing loans to the consumers who are flooded with attractive loan offers every day. It gives them an opportunity to upgrade their lifestyle by taking a loan for a new house, fancy gadgets and automobiles without depleting their capital reserve. Two wheeler loans have seen a huge surge in demand as one can buy a scooter or a bike relatively quickly without investing huge amount.

Advantages of Taking a Bike Loan on EMI

  • Bajaj Auto Finance Bike loans are offered at attractive interest rates and lowcost EMIs make it easier to repay the loan.
  • A small portion of the loan can be paid in the form of initial down payment thus reducing the financial burden of the borrower.
  • Repayment tenure can extend up to five years which results in lower EMIs every month.  
  • Minimal paperwork and fast processing of loan make it a popular choice for the borrowers.
  • You can use the bike loan calculator to calculate the rate of interest and conveniently choose EMIs you can afford every month.

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Two-wheeler loan interest rates offered by us are the lowest. You also have the option of calling our representative and ask him to find the right financing solution for you. If you want to lower the EMIs of two-wheeler loan then consider paying the maximum amount as down payment to reduce the monthly burden. By paying your bike loan EMIs on time without defaulting, you improve your creditworthiness with the credit Bureaus agencies, which makes it much easier to get loans from the banks and private lenders in future.