4 Different Types of Motorcycle Engines You Should Know

With the recent boom in our automobile sector, we are now privy not only to various types of motorcycles but engines as well. A while ago, only single-cylinder engines were available in the Indian market. The rapid increase in bike enthusiasm led manufacturers to introduce varieties. With various types of engines, people now have an array of choices to select from ranging from moderate torque to potent engines. These different types assure you that your bike serves its purpose whether it be a standard, sport, off-road, or cruising bike.

Here we are going to discuss the various types of engines that are available in the market and will help you decide the best-suited one for you.

1. Single Cylinder Engine

With a single-piston providing power for your bike, it produces a moderate amount of torque. Used in standard street bikes they are most suited for city rides. One of the best examples of single-cylinder engines is Bajaj Discover 125. One of the most loved street bikes with single-cylinder motors provides you with a comfortable and smooth ride. Some of the Best Bajaj 100CC bikes offer you a single-cylinder engine for better engine performance in city traffic.

2. Parallel Twin Engine

With a dual cylinder, the parallel-twin engine provides you with two pistons placed parallel and moving in unison producing double the amount of torque. Used in low-end sports bikes and standard cruisers for ages this engine has a high-performance. Excellent for general riding and commuting. Some other types of parallel engines are Inline-triple, Inline-four, and straight-six, based on the number of pistons they have.

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3. The V-Twin Engine

One of the most potent engines found in cruising high-end bikes. V-twin also has a dual cylinder placed in the shape of a V in which the pistons follow an uneven firing order. Providing them with an attractive "burbling" exhaust sound at the expense of uneven power delivery making the motorbike less stable through fast corners. V-twin provides your bike with an ample amount of torque and a broad powerband. Other types of V-twin engines are V4 and V8, based on the number of pistons they have.

4. Boxer Engines

Due to their flat layout, they are known as boxer engines, as their piston faces their movement is considered like a boxer's gloves. Moving together and apart at the same time, this old-looking engine has been a part of German Manufacturing. A perfectly balanced engine, this one's smooth and delivers torque across the entire powerband. The flat two have the same firing rate as the parallel two but don't suffer from the same issue of poor natural balance. This is so as the two pistons are always moving as opposed to each other. There are furthermore types of boxer engines, namely Flat-two, Flat-four, and Flat-six, each based on the number of cylinders they have.

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We have discussed the four prime categories of engine types. From single-cylinder engines offered in Bajaj Discover 125 to parallel engines of cruising bikes. Each engine serves its purpose by producing the required amount of power delivery for a smooth and comfortable ride. The variety available in the market might be overwhelming for you, so choose the best one catering to your needs. One must have a basic understanding of how the engines are categorized. The aforementioned list will give you a basic understanding of the available types of engines in the Indian market.

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