New Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 - Model, Price and Specifications - 2022

Bajaj bikes introduced the 125 CC variant of the Pulsar NS bike recently.

It is not an average 125 CC bike as its specifications make it one of the most powerful 125 CC bikes in its class. As per the official text displayed on the website of Bajaj Auto, the Pulsar NS 125 is the perfect amalgamation of –

  • Performance
  • Style and
  • Impressive features.

A bit of an insight


With the launch of the new Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 The number of bikes offered by this motorcycle OEM now stands at a healthy ten models. The NS range of the Pulsar brand itself has three variants including the newly launched 125 CC variant.

Engine and Transmission details


The engine of the NS 125 is a simple but powerful one. In terms of specifications and electromechanical aspects, it is a single-cylinder, high-revving unit that is air-cooled. It has two valves and is capable of developing a respectable 12hp of power and 11Nm of torque in the peak RPM range.

In terms of appearance, the bike is similar to look at especially when it stands by its 200 CC and 160 CC siblings. It carries forward the similar-looking aggressive headlight unit, a prominent and muscular fuel tank with a capacity of 12 litres and of course twin LED brake lights. A sporty looking grab rail is also added into the mix that compliments the very sharp-looking belly pan!

The engine of the bike is housed smack in the middle of the perimeter frame that makes its centre of gravity perfect for tight corner entries even at relatively high speeds. The bike is equipped with a five-speed, smooth-shifting gearbox that has perfectly calibrated gear ratios enabling the rider to use the full extent of the bike’s small displacement engine.

In terms of weight, the bike weighs at a mere 144kg (dry weight).

Pulsar enthusiasts will readily point out the fact that the overall cooling system and the capacity of the NS 125 are similar to the Pulsar 125 which is true – to some extent that is but when one takes a closer look at the NS 125’s performance metrics, they will understand that it exceeds from that of the 125 CC Pulsar by many folds.

Other Specifications


The NS125 has a perimeter frame for extra agility.

It has a telescopic front fork suspension setup and a gas-charged mono-shock suspension setup for the rear wheel.

The tire specs of the bike are –

  • 80/100-17 for the front and
  • A 100/90-17 tyre for the rear wheel.

The brake specifications in the bike are as follows –

  • The front wheel has a 240mm disc and
  • The rear wheel gets a 130mm drum – a disc would have been better though!



The ground clearance of the bike is 179mm and its seat is at a height of 805mm, In terms of wheelbase, the bike covers an area of 1,353mm making it quite easy for a rider to navigate through the city streets.

How does it fare in terms of Styling?


In terms of styling, the NS 125 is similar to look at when compared side by side with that of its 160 and 200 CC variants. It has smooth, naked bike lines running across its body. All the panels on its body have a muscular appearance that truly makes it one of the hunkiest bikes in the 125 CC range.

It has split seats as well!



The bike is available in Fiery Orange, Pewter Grey, Burnt Red and Beach Blue for body and metallic grey paint scheme for the frame as well as the alloys.



The price of the bike is aggressive as it starts at a price of INR 93,690 (ex-showroom Delhi).



The Pulsar NS 125 is the perfect combination of looks and performance. Add the low cost of ownership – a signature of Bajaj bikes into the mix and one can conclude that this is a winner from the get-go!

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