Bajaj Bikes And Scooter Price List For 2023

Bajaj has updated the offer prices for some bike and scooter models in October. While some models like the Pulsar 150 have seen a rise in price, the others have witnessed a fall in price range and hence, have become more affordable.

This article focuses on the Bajaj bikes and scooter prices as of 2023, along with some basic features these two-wheelers provide.

Price List For 2023

Let’s have a detailed look at the Bajaj bikes and Bajaj scooter price list:

1. CT 100

The new price of this model is worth INR 52,832. This price has seen no change since the last price update. The CT100 comes with a 102 cc engine and 7.9 PS power, with 8.34 Nm torque.

2. Pulsar 125

The Pulsar 125 comes in two different styles. The bajaj scooter price in India for the STD style is worth INR 77,843 and INR 80,698. Pulsar or the split seat model. 125 comes with a 124.4 cc engine and provides 51.46 kmpl mileage.

3. Pulsar NS 125

Pulsar NS125 is one of the most sought-after bikes in the Bajaj bikes price list. Its latest price update makes it stand at INR 98,234. Its specifications include a 124.4 cc engine, 11.99 PS power, 11Nm torque and 64.75 kmpl mileage, along with disc brakes.

4. Pulsar 150

The three Pulsar 150 models have seen a hike in the price of bajaj scooters and bikes.

The STD model is now INR 1,04,365, which is INR 224 more than its previous price. The Neon model stands at INR 98,291, which is INR 224 more than its previous price range. And, the twin-disc model is INR 352 more than the old price and is now worth INR 1,07,366.

5. Pulsar 180

The Pulsar 180 has seen a price drop in the bajaj bikes and bajaj scooter price list. Its new price is INR 1,14,234, which is INR 281 less than its previous price. Its specifications include a 178.6 cc engine, 17.02 PS power, 14.52 Nm torque, and double-disc brakes.

6. Bajaj Chetak

The Bajaj scooter India price for Chetak is approximately between INR 1-1.5 Lakhs, which is in the lower range. In addition, it has a good range of features, including a motor power of 4080W with 16 Nm torque, front disc brake, and rear drum brake. Therefore, the Bajaj scooter price of this model is quite affordable.

7. Pulsar NS 160

The Pulsar NS160 has also seen a price hike. The Bajaj scooter price in India for this model is INR 1,15,091, INR 998 more than its previous price. The bike comes with a 160.3 cc engine and offers 40.6 kmpl mileage.

8. Pulsar NS 200

The Pulsar NS200 is another bike that has seen a rise in the bajaj bikes and bajaj scooter price list. Its old price was INR 1,39,546, and the new price is INR 1,40,544. It comes with a 199.5 cc engine and offers 40.84 kmpl mileage.

9. Dominar 250

The Dominar 250 has witnessed no change in its bajaj bikes and bajaj scooter India price. Its current price is INR 1,54,156. Its key specs include a robust 248.77 cc engine offering 35.03 kmpl mileage with double disc brakes and tubeless tires.

10. Dominar 400

The Dominar 400 has one of the highest prices on the Bajaj bikes price list. Its new price is worth INR 2,11,572.


Bajaj regularly updates its price list for its bikes and scooters. Therefore, it is advisable to check and compare the price of the Bajaj scooters and bikes that you wish to own before purchasing.

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