5 Advantages of Electric Motorcycles That You Should Know

The price of essential fuels like petrol and diesel has peaked in recent years. Although the international price of crude oil has reduced, the benefits are yet to be enjoyed by the common person. The reason is simple. India imports a large chunk of its crude oil reserves. Hence, it is unlikely that the price of petrol would ever come down below the INR 100+/litre mark.

Hence, it is best that one shuns the fuel expenses set aside for their personal vehicle. This is why in recent years; the popularity of e-scooters has sky-rocketed in India.


Well, buying an e-scooter keeps one saving money that they used to spend on fuel. Furthermore, the advantages of electric scooters are many. Some of them are mentioned below.

E-scooters Allow One to Recover their Investment Quickly


People often shy away from electric scooters due to the high prices of EVs. The reason why EVs cost more than their fuel-guzzling counterparts is simple. EV technology is still in its nascent days. Hence, EV brands like Bajaj need the money they earn as profits by selling e-scooter to conduct better R&D.

Furthermore, since EVs run on lithium-ion battery packs, it is natural for EVs to come with hefty price tags. Why? Well, lithium is an expensive mineral. It takes a lot of money for lithium-ion battery pack manufacturers to procure, process and fabricate Li-ion battery packs. Add all these costs together and it is easy to see why EVs cost more than a traditional ICE-powered scooter.

However, the large sum of money one spends to buy an EV is quickly recovered. One will not be spending money on fuel. On top of this, owning an e-scooter needs minimal expenses. There are no oil-change appointments and even the running repairs for e-scooters entail low costs.

E-Scooters in India Come with Quality Assurance and Impressive Features


E-scooters like Bajaj Chetak are launched after the OEM has spent a considerable amount of money to develop the product. It means that one will be riding an e-scooter that is the result of countless in-house R&D hours. Leading brands like Bajaj choose to develop every component of their e-scooters in-house. Keeping third-party vendors with questionable reputations out allows buyers to ride without worrying about their e-scooters dying out on them!

In case one is interested to learn about e-Chetak then one should read the following sections.

  • The Chetak has all-metal body panels.
  • The e-scooters are built on a pressed high-tensile steel tubular chassis.
  • The overall ride quality of the e-scooter is impressive according to veteran auto journalists
  • The electric scooter handles and performs on the road like a boss!
  • The e-scooter entails a contemporary mashed with retro design language.

Range Anxiety is a Thing of the Past with Modern E-Scooters


Range anxiety used to haunt early adopters of e-scooters as older generations of e-scooter came with laughable range/charge.

Now, it is best to understand that, unlike an e-car, an e-scooter will have a smaller battery pack. Hence, it is no news that one cannot commute from city to city on an e-scooter. Most of the time, e-scooters are used for city commutes. Still, range anxiety can haunt one if one owns an e-scooter from an older generation.

However, range anxiety does not apply to e-scooter buyers these days. The reason is simple. E-scooters like the Chetak offer a 95 KMs range/charge when the ride mode is set at ‘Eco’. At the same time, when the ride mode is set to ‘sport’ the range goes down to 85 KMs/5-hour after a full charging session.

Modern E-Scooters Come with Advanced Battery Management Systems


Another concern that e-scooter owners often fret over is the onboard battery management system of their EV. A questionable e-scooter from a novice EV brand will not even have a Battery Management System. The absence of a proper Battery Management System leads to battery pack heating issues and battery pack fires!

This is not the case with e-scooters from revered brands like Bajaj. The Chetak from Bajaj Auto comes with an advanced Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS of the Chetak keeps the battery pack from overheating in the summer season. The BMS of the Chetak also supervises the charging and discharging of the battery pack. This is why the battery pack of the Chetak needs replacement only after the vehicle has run 70, 000 KMS!

Buying an E-Scooter Allows One to Cap their Carbon Footprint by Half!


Owning a petrol-guzzling scooter surely picks on the heartstrings of an automotive enthusiast. But, the fumes from an Internal Combustion Engine-powered scooter pollute the environment. Hence, people who want to cut their carbon footprint by more than half need to invest in an e-scooter from a reputed brand like Bajaj.

For more details on why one should own an e-scooter, it is best to consult with an e-scooter dealership.

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