Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Price List, Models and Specifications

The Chetak was one of the most successful scooters from Bajaj Auto. Hence, it is no wonder that Bajaj chose the Chetak brand for its electric scooter.

More on the vehicle are as follows -

The Chetak Electric is built on a steel frame. Its body panels are all-metal. It is equipped with 12-inch precision-machined alloy wheels. The tires on the wheels are tubeless radial units. The front suspension is a single unit mounted on one side of the front wheel. The rear wheel is paired with a monoshock suspension unit. The scooter is paired with a front disc brake unit and a rear drum brake unit.

The Bajaj Chetak Electric with regenerative braking system as a standard feature. All switches on the scooter are backlit.

The official Bajaj Chetak Electric scooter price list states that it is available at a starting price of Rs. 1, 65,551*. The decked-out top trim comes at Rs. 1, 65,551*. Both prices are ex-showroom.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Price List :

Model Name Ex-Showroom Price
Chetak Premium - Velluto Rosso Rs. 153,298/-*
Chetak Premium - Hazel Nut Rs. 153,298/-*
Chetak Premium - Brooklyn Black Rs. 153,298/-*
Chetak Premium - Indigo Metallic Rs. 153,298/-*

Other important aspects of the scooter are as follows -

The scooter is equipped with combined braking systems as an OEM standard feature.

  • The riding range of the scooter is 85 - 95 KMs* on a full charge
  • The electronically limited but easy-to-achieve top speed of the scooter is 70 KMPH.
  • It will take around 5 hours for the scooter to charge its battery unit.
  • The OEM rated power of the motor is 3800 W
  • The scooter comes with a dedicated USB charging port
  • The maximum power the motor can deliver is 4,080 W



The design of the electric Chetak takes a whole lot of inspiration from the original Chetak. However, the overall design language is contemporary. The body panels are made from sheet metal that adds to the premium look of the vehicle. The scooter has smooth running lines all over its body.

The Powertrain


The electric motor of the scooter is powered by a 3kWh lithium-ion battery pack with an IP67 rating.

The peak power output of the motor is 4kW. The continuous power output from the motor is 3.8kW. The peak torque produced by the motor is 16Nm. The scooter comes with ride modes. The number of available ride modes is two - sport and eco. In Eco mode, riders can expect a range of 95 KMs. In sport mode, riders can expect a range of 85 KMs.

The scooter comes with a built-in charger that is hidden beneath the seat. The charging cable is located in the front storage compartment. The charging cable can be plugged into a 5 - ampere power outlet. Sadly, the scooter doesn’t come with a fast charger. However, it is a good thing.

How is the absence of a fast charging option a good thing?

Well, fast charging can save time but it reduces the operational life of the battery pack and the charger. Hence, fast charging of EVs or any Li-ion battery-powered device/vehicle should be avoided.

Bajaj Auto insists that one can ride for seventy thousand kilometres before the battery pack needs replacement. This is possible due to the onboard Intelligent Battery Management System developed by Bajaj Auto. The IBMS is capable of efficiently and safely controlling the charging and discharging of the battery pack.

Ride Quality


The overall ride quality of the scooter is similar to other IC engine powered scooters, if not better. The seating position of the scooter is upright. There is a lot of space on offer to keep one’s legs. One can also carry quite a bit of luggage on the floorboard. The seat unit is well padded, contoured and spacious. The under-seat storage is adequate to store a half-face helmet and more.

The scooter offers a plush ride with or without a pillion rider. The overall riding and handling dynamics of the scooter are well-balanced. Quick overtakes and weaving through traffic are very easy.

The scooter comes with a reverse mode that makes it pretty easy to park the vehicle in tight spaces.

Available Features


The scooter gets a round LCD instrument cluster that is paired with a monochrome theme. The scooter is equipped with sequential LED turn indicators. The headlamp unit is all-LED and comes with an integrated LED DRL. The tail lamp units are LED as well.

The scooter comes with a front storage compartment that is paired with a soft-open feature. The seat unit also won’t come down abruptly like other scooters.

The scooter gets a smartphone connectivity feature. One has to use a dedicated app to gain access to ride related information. One will also be able to use the GPS navigation feature using the app. One can also use the app to locate the scooter in a crowded parking space. One can also use the key fob of the scooter to detect its location. Just press a button on the key fob and the scooter will make a sound and flash its indicators.

Is it Worth it?


Yes, absolutely! In terms of features, looks, built quality and finish, it is worthy of one’s hard-earned money. If one needs more information on how to apply for a two-wheeler loan then they should contact a Bajaj dealership today!

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