Two Wheeler Loan Interest Rates

Applicable for the loan disbursed on/ after 1st April 2023

Two wheelers are the preferred mode of transport in Indian cities. Low-interest bike loans have made it affordable and convenient for Indians to buy two-wheeler of their choice.

One can easily apply for two wheeler loans with Bajaj Auto Finance. You can comfortably pay off the monthly installments as we offer attractive interest rates. Interest rate can directly affect the equated monthly installment or the EMI you are expected to pay for the loan tenor. Even the slightest change of 0.25% rate can have a major impact on the EMI. Therefore, interest rates play a key role in two-wheeler finance and we ensure that our customers are getting an attractive interest rate.


Interest Rate Methodology

Interest rate applicable for Loans in BFL varies basis BFL internal credit and risk policy and as per an algorithmic multivariate score card which includes following variables (the variable list mentioned below is not exhaustive):

(a) Interest rate risk (fixed loan viz floating loan) (b) Credit and default risk in the related business segment; (c) Historical performance of similar homogeneous clients; (d) Profile of the Borrower; (e) Industry segment; (f) Repayment track record of the Borrower; (f) Nature and value of collateral security (g) Secured viz unsecured loan; (h) Subvention available (i) Ticket size of loan; (j) Credit Bureau Score; (k) Tenure of loan; (l) Location delinquency and collection performance (j) Customer indebtedness in other existing loans. The aforesaid variables may be revised from time to time as per the Lender’s past performance in a given loan portfolio.


Bajaj Auto Finance Loan Interest Rates

Annualised ROI Up to maximum of 36% for all two-wheeler models Excluding Advance EMI scheme and selected agriculture base schemes

Max up to 40% of Loan amount as a standard Percentage 
Loan Tenure From 3 months to 60 months for two-wheeler
From 3 months to 84 months for three-wheeler and Qute
Upfront Charges/Processing Fee/Charges

For Two-Wheeler

Max up to 21% of Loan amount as a standard Percentage

For Three-wheeler & Qute :

Max up to 30% of Loan amount as a standard Percentage

Loan Amount From Min 9999 and upto 20 Lakhs for two-wheeler
From min 10,000 and up to 4,50,000 lakhs for three-wheeler and Qute
Disclaimer : Annualised ROI mentioned is Excluding of HTH,STS & Advance EMI Cases    Apply for Loan Calculate Your EMI

How is Interest Calculated on Bike Loan?

As is obvious above, before getting two-wheeler finance it is important to know the two wheeler loan interest rates. Interest rates on two-wheelers vary for applicants based on their profile, repayment capacity, income level and the type of loan.

  • Two wheeler loan interest rates vary according to the category of the two wheelers.
  • For secured loans, the interest rate is lower while unsecured loans are offered on higher interest rates.
  • Your financial status also has an impact on the interest rate of the Two Wheeler Loan. Your income is considered a parameter in determining your repayment capacity and credibility.
  • Salaried individuals with a stable job are usually offered two wheeler loans on lower interest rates while self-employed individuals are offered loans on higher interest rates.

The EMIs for two wheeler loans are structured depending upon all these factors.

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Advantages of Taking a Two Wheeler Loan from Bajaj Auto Finance

As is mentioned above, Bajaj Auto Finance offers the lowest rate of interest to its customers. Apart from that, there are several other advantages of taking a Two wheeler loan from us. These are:

  • Hassle free documentation and speedy processing
  • Quick disbursal of two-wheeler loans
  • Low-interest rates and low-cost EMIs
  • Convenient repayment schedule
  • Flexibility to choose the tenure and EMI schedule as per your monthly budget
  • Nominal foreclosure charges
  • Two wheeler loans offered to salaried professionals as well as self-employed individuals
  • Partial foreclosure option is available
  • Call center customer support in ten different languages
  • Special offers for existing customers and customers with an exceptional track record

Contact us now and get a Bajaj bike loan with the lowest rate of interest!

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Two Wheeler Loan Interest Rate FAQs

The Bajaj Auto Finance provides an attractive interest rates in addition with 1% onwards* processing fee of the loan amount.
The main factors that affect the two wheeler loan interest rate are the loan amount, loan tenure, employment history and credit history of the borowwer.
Bajaj Auto Finance provides finance upto 95%* that means you only need to pay around 5%* of the value of the bike as down payment. It also depends on your loan amount, repayment tenure, employment and credit history.