Pay Cash at Bank Branches

Applicable for the loan disbursed on/ after 1st April 2023

Pay conveniently at any ICICI/AXIS/Federal/AU Bank branch across India. Do not forget to collect the Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) no. for your records.


GENERATE ONLINE CASH CHALLAN FOR PAYING AT BANK OF INDIA BRANCHES बैंक ऑफ़ इंडिया ब्रांचों में नकद भुगतान करने के लिए ई चालान

GENERATE NEFT ADVICE FOR CHEQUE DEPOSITS AT YOUR OWN BANK BRANCH अपने खुद के बैंक शाखा में चेक जमा के लिए आवश्यक NEFT स्लिप

Click on bank logo to get the details of bank branch nearest to you. Simply download the Pay in slips from ‘Forms Center’ of our website. Do not forget to collect the Bank’s unique reference number and counterfoil of Pay in Slips with Bank’s stamp for your records. Payments at Bank counter will be updated to your account within 2 working days of payment.