What are the Zero Down Payment Bike Loan Offers in 2023?

In India, bikes are rapidly becoming the most chosen mode of transport. The over-crowded public transport and poor roads make it very important for people to own a motorcycle or bike. Two-wheeler loan has made it easy for people to own a bike or a two-wheeler. The bike loan interest rate varies from bank to bank. Two-wheeler loans have become immensely popular with the middle-class segment of India as it gives them the leverage to own a bike of their choice at low-interest rates.

While most lenders prefer to take a certain amount of down payment before sanctioning the bike loan, there are some banks and private lenders who offer 100%* finance for two-wheelers which means you can get a bike loan without a down payment. With nominal processing, some banks do not ask for the down payment from the existing account holders on some specific models while some lenders provide 100% finance on the on-road price of the vehicle and some of them also cover the registration fees insurance charges. If you can provide required eligible documents to the lender with good repayment track, it is a lot easier to get complete finance on your favourite bike.

What is a Down Payment?


In most cases, when someone applies for a loan for making a high-value purchase like a car or a two-wheeler, they are required to pay anywhere between 5% and 15% of the value upfront. This upfront paid amount is called the down payment. The lender covers up for the rest 85%-90% of the value as loan. A down payment requires one to have some liquidity at the time of purchase. It comes in handy as one doesn’t have to pay out a large some altogether but rather over an interval of time which allows for better planning and ease of life. Some of the bikes offer available in 2023 are mentioned below.

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Bike Loan Offers at Bajaj Auto Finance


Bajaj Finance Ltd. is one of the most varied NBFCs having served more than 1.7 million customers across India. You need to have a good credit score with credit bureaus to get a bike loan with minimum down payment. If you have a good credit score of 750 and above, it is easier to get a low-interest rate and higher loan amount. Your monthly income is also a key factor in securing a higher loan amount. If the person wanting the loan earns well and works in a listed company this entire process becomes much more pleasing. While all borrowers may not be eligible for a 100% financing, it is always possible to get a higher loan amount by meeting certain eligibility criteria. Bike loan calculator available on the lender’s website helps you in planning your monthly EMIs.


A: Almost all lenders in India these days offer zero downpayment bike loan schemes. Hence, all one would need to do is choose a revered lender and ask for 0 downpayment loan schemes. Then, one can apply for the loan online and submit pertinent documents when asked to do so.
A: It depends on the MSRP of the bike. Generally, one has to pay at least 5 – 15 per cent of the bike’s MSRP as a downpayment. The rest can be financed.
A: The generic eligibility criteria for a 0 downpayment loan are as follows –
  • One has to be an Indian resident.
  • One has to be an employee at a company for at least a year. Or they have to own a business that has been running successfully for more than a year.
  • One has to earn at least INR 50, 000 per year.
A: No additional charges are levied on 0 downpayment loans. However, 0 downpayment loans entail high interest rates and hefty EMIs.
A: The documents needed are more or less the same as one has to submit while applying for a normal bike loan. For identity as well as age proof, one can submit their PAN card, passport, aadhaar card as well as recent passport-sized photographs. One also has to show income proof, bank statements as well as ITR for the last six months.

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