5 Modern Features Keep in Mind When Buying a New Bike

Gone are those days when bike enthusiasts used to stress over the three most prominent features, i.e. speed, mileage, and looks only. Today, with every new release in the two-wheeler market, we witness Modern Features of Bikes, attracting buyers of all kinds. With the inclusion of these features in economic bike variants, smart buyers from different financial sections can make a decision based on features other than speed, mileage, and style.

Even the cheapest bike variant today offers revolutionary features with best in class road experience. Therefore without further ado, let’s take a glance over five of these modern features in demand:

Disk Brakes with Dual Channel ABS

The latest fuel injection bikes come with better-ventilated pads and brakes. The improved ventilation works superfluously every time the brakes or pads are squeezed, making it easier for the driver as well. Similarly, the latest calipers are installed, allowing the brake liver to forward the pressure in between the hoses comfortably. However, the most noticeable change is the introduction of the ABS system in between the disc brakes. The dual-channel system locks up the wheels whenever your bike requires hard braking, saving you from road accidents.

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Engines With Liquid Cooling

Your vehicle’s engine usually heats up while driving. The heat thus generated could be very dangerous for your bike as well as your overall safety. Therefore, high-performing engines have liquid cooling as one of the modern features of bikes. In this system, the radiator, along with the fluid cooling system, is installed within the engine. The liquid starts losing its viscosity while absorbing the engine’s heat and goes straight to the radiator. The radiator then cools down the liquid and circulates it back to its original place, thus keeping the temperature in check.

Improved Chassis and Suspension

The chassis and suspension combination plays a significant role in giving a bike its steering ability. The importance of improved chassis is especially felt in premium bikes, for instance, the KTM range. Therefore, for limiting the velocity, a robust and solid body design along with trellis tires and twin spars are selected for better chassis and suspension. The twin springs are also changed into dual amplifiers for better accommodation of shocks. Several companies are working towards gas-cushioned shock absorbers for modern bikes.

Aerodynamic Bodywork

The fuel injection bikes also include an aerodynamic shape made out of lightweight materials. The aerodynamic shape is specially chosen to reduce the excessive air resistance of the surroundings. Earlier, the bulky architecture of the motorcycle used to burden the engine, causing friction. The friction between the mechanical parts mars the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, but with current aerodynamic shapes, bikes are nearly secure from the resistive forces.

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Performance Tyres

Tires are perhaps the most important mechanical part of motorcycles second to engines only. The power of the engine falls useless until and unless it is channeled into super supportive and firm tires. For catering to this need, modern bikes are launched with premium quality tires. Premium tires are known for their improved grip and traction qualities. They also have the best quality rubber material used to reduce excessive wear and tear and look sleek too.

Final Words

All the features mentioned above are readily available in any latest bike within your chosen price range. The only difference lies in the brand and the bike variant. Your decision determines your overall road-safety and the appropriate usage of your money. Hence, go through all the options available to you before purchasing. Choose wisely and go modern!

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