KTM Duke 200 in Dark Metallic Silver Colour is Now Available!

KTM stands for Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen. It is a revered motorcycle manufacturing brand from Austria. The brand has a reputation for manufacturing track-only and track-ready motorcycles.

The brand expanded its interests in India with the help of Bajaj after entering in 2012. The first motorcycle from the brand was a locally produced naked streetfighter bike known as the Duke 200. It was an instant hit. The bike is still offered by the Austrian brand. Even after ten years, the Duke 200 is relevant and appealing thanks to tasteful revisions from KTM designers and engineers. The bike currently has a price tag of Rs. 2, 22,490* as per the KTM bike price list.

Apart from the aggressive price tag, the bike has several other unique selling points. The following sections will enunciate some of them.

The available design and features are second to none


The KTM Duke 200 has received several updates and upgrades over its shelf life. The latest electromechanical and design-based updates for the bike came in 2020.

The latest iteration of the bike is a complete overhaul of the original locally produced Duke 200 from 2012. The radical changes in technology and design were intentional as they allowed the bike to remain appealing.

The latest version of the bike looks completely new. The KTM designers built the bike from the ground up. The new Duke 200 looks menacing. The sharp lines merging harmoniously with the body panels result in an elegant-looking motorcycle.

The bike now comes with a new digital instrument cluster. This bike part is also shared with the 125 Duke and the 250 Duke. The headlamp unit on the bike is also revised. The LED DRL unit also received much-needed design-based updates. The bike continues to come with front and rear disc brakes that are paired with dual-channel ABS.

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The bike shares its design language with the Duke 125, 250 and 390. The front look, fuel tank design and seat layout of the Duke 200 are similar to its siblings.

The Duke 200 also got two brand new colour schemes. The names of the colour schemes are –

  • Electronic Orange
  • Dark Silver Metallic

Among the two schemes, KTM Duke 200 in dark metallic silver colour looks absolutely stunning!

The engine performs like no other motor currently available on Indian bikes


KTM purists were concerned when the BS-6 emission norms were enforced by the Indian government. Duke 200 fans worried that the brand might detune the engine of the bike.

That did not happen!

The latest version of the bike still retains its hooligan-like, rev-happy nature. However, the motor now feels more refined as the vibrations are now more contained.

The motor on the bike has a total displacement of 199.5 CC. It is a single-cylinder fuel-injected liquid-cooled motor. The raw character of the engine was retained as the engine is paired with a tweaked catalytic converter unit. It means that apart from refining the motor to contain the vibrations, the engineers did not change anything! The latest version of the Duke 200 is known for its impressive 24.67 bhp power @ 10,000 rpm. The maximum achievable torque from the engine is 19.3 Nm @ 8,000 rpm.

All that power and torque doesn’t necessarily mean that the Duke 200 would burn a hole in one’s pockets! The engineer made sure that the fuel-injected engine is fuel efficient as well. The real-world mileage of the bike is 34.5 KMPL. The high mileage from a powerful 200 CC engine is possible due to the high compression ratio of 11.3:1. A high compression ratio ensures that every drop of fuel is burnt efficiently. This results in more work done by the engine per litre of spent fuel.

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The handling is amazing


The current version of the Duke 200 retains the premium parts from its predecessor. The bike still comes with the 43 MM upside-down fork suspension from WP (Apex). The rear wheel is still paired with a monoshock suspension from WP (Apex). The bike’s Trellis subframe has also been re-engineered to perfection. The result is that the current version of the Duke, compared to its predecessor handles well on straight lines. The cornering abilities of the bike are also enhanced as it feels nimble on hairpin bends.

Should one buy the Duke 200?


Why not!?

The Duke 200 is an enthusiast’s dream, to be honest. And if one is worried about the price then there is good news. All leading lenders in India now offer bespoke loan schemes designed for the Duke 200. Furthermore, the servicing cost of the bike is affordable as well. To learn more, one should take a test ride of the bike.

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