Interesting facts About the Bajaj Platina 110 H Gear

Bajaj Auto is an innovative motorcycle brand in India. The brand had launched several amazing motorcycles back in the day. One of them is the Platina 110 or better known as the Platina H gear.

This post in the following sections will enunciate the Unique Selling Points of the bike. Here goes:

This is a Fuel-Efficient Bike


Bajaj makes several fuel-efficient bikes. However, this motorcycle takes the spotlight. The reason is simple. Currently, this is one of the few motorcycles that can run for 70 KMs per litre of petrol.

Bajaj Offers the Bike in Multiple Variants


Bajaj offers the Bajaj Platina 110 H gear technology in three trims:

1. The Bike is Aggressively Priced


The entry-level trim of the bike is offered with the ex-showroom price tag of INR. 67, 654. The top trim of the bike is offered with the ex-showroom price tag of INR. 72, 699. Both prices are on par with the latest Bajaj bike price list.

2. Bajaj Offers the Bike in Several Color Options


Whichever trim is preferred by the buyer, they can choose any one among the ten color schemes mentioned below:

  • Ebony Black Blue (Drum)
  • Ebony Black Red (Drum)
  • Cocktail Wine Red - Orange (Drum)
  • Satin Beach Blue (Disc)
  • Charcoal Black (Disc)
  • Volcanic Matte Red (Disc)
  • Ebony Black (ABS)
  • Gloss Pewter Grey (ABS)
  • Cocktail Wine Red (ABS)
  • Saffire Blue (ABS)


3. The Bike is Lightweight


Compared to rival mileage bikes, the Platina 110 is lighter. The dry weight of the motorcycle is just.

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All Drum and Front Disc + Rear Drum Braking Setup


To keep the bike appealing for safety-conscious riders, Bajaj offers the bike dual drum brakes. The bike is also available with front disc and rear drum brakes. Whichever variant one chooses, the bike will be equipped with CBS. CBS is the acronym for Bajaj’s patented Combined Braking System.

A Large Fuel Tank and EFI are Now Part of the OEM Package


The bike is now equipped with a large 11-litre fuel tank. The bike is also equipped with an electronic fuel injection system. Bajaj replaced the ageing carburettor technology to make the bike BS6-compliant.

Adding the EFI allows the bike to efficiently complete its combustion cycles. Efficient combustion cycles ensure that energy from every drop of fuel is extracted and used to turn the rear wheel. Adding EFI and replacing the carburettor also allows the engine to offer impressive acceleration and low-end torque.

Adding an EFI also allowed the bike to increase its combustion cycle’s efficiency. At the same time, the rider will now have access to enhanced acceleration and torque at low RPMs.

This is a Mileage Bike with 5 Gears


The primary unique Selling Point of this bike is its H-gear technology.

H gear technology in Bajaj Platina works in tandem with precision-engineered gear ratios. The outcome is that the rider has access to the peak power and peak torque of the engine on tap.

The fifth gear or the H gear on the bike’s gearbox is an overdrive gear. An overdrive gear is engaged when a vehicle is running at a speed of more than 80 KMPH. Engaging the overdrive gear allows the engine RPM to go down. But the precision gear ratio of the H gear allows the bike to achieve cruising speeds. The outcome is simple to understand. When the RPM is low, the engine is consuming less fuel. Hence, even when the bike is being ridden at cruising speeds, one will be using less fuel.

This is a Classic-Looking Bike


The square-shaped headlamp of the bike takes onlookers to the 90s. However, to keep the bike safe on the roads, Bajaj has equipped the bike with an integrated DRL. Although the DRL of the bike is lit by LEDs, other lighting fixtures are illuminated by halogen bulbs. The sleek tail section of the motorcycle tends to keep the road presence of the vehicle interesting.

Essential Features are Now Part of the OEM Package


Bajaj has equipped the bike with a semi-digital instrument cluster. The digital screen on the instrument cluster offers the rider important ride-related information. And the displays consist of the following:

  • A Clock
  • The fuel gauge
  • The odometer
  • A trip meter
  • A gear position indicator
  • A dynamic gear shift guide.
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A Comfortable Ride and an Impressive Engine are Also Part of the Package


The bike comes with a traditional telescopic front fork suspension unit. The rear suspensions are two spring-in-spring (SNS) hydraulic shock absorbers. 

The front suspension offers a suspension travel factor of 135mm. The rear suspension units have a travel factor of 110mm each. The swing arm of the bike has been reinforced thus allowing the bike to offer impressive high-speed stability.

The engine on the bike is a 115 CC, single-cylinder, fuel-injected, air-cooled unit. The peak power and torque outputs of the engine are 8.44 bhp and 9.81Nm.

To learn more about the motorcycle, it would be best to test-ride it.

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