Electric Start Vs Kick Start - Which Bike You Should Choose?

Are you looking for a bike? If so, you may have come across two very popular types- electric start bikes and kick start bikes. Which one should you choose, or are they both just the same? This blog post will discuss the differences between electric start vs kick start bikes to help make your decision easier.

Let's get started.

How Electric Starters Work?


When you turn your key, a small electric motor attached to the engine block turns over the pistons and crankshaft using either a series of reduction gears or belts and pulleys. This is why you hear some noise when starting; it's those parts moving around. The battery provides power for this motor until such time that your bike starts. It is always essential to apply for bike loan before purchasing a new electric starter bike.

How Kick Start Bikes Work?


A kick start is a motorized ignition system used to start an internal combustion engine. This mechanism has been largely replaced with electric starters thanks to technological advancement, but it can still be seen in motorcycles and automobiles of older models. For the device to work, one needs to straddle over the bike's crossbar while holding both brake levers firmly with their left foot on the ground next to one side of the rear wheel, which will make turning impossible.

It is paramount that this leg does not touch any part of either motorcycle or anything else because you need your leg free from all obstructions. Hence, allow easy movement without exerting too much pressure when kicking off. You could also get a loan on your Bajaj bike.

Electric Start Vs Kick Start


A kick start is a traditional option for bikes. It can be difficult to get used to, especially when you are in an urgent situation and need your bike starting right away. On the other hand, electric starters will give you that instant push off or pullback just when needed. Besides that, if you’re looking for auto finance, you must get it from Bajaj Auto Finance for either kick start bikes or electric start bikes.

The electric starter has many benefits such as easy starts every time, no third party assistance required (like the boisterous friend who needs to stand behind your seat), and it will never let you down even in extremely cold weather conditions where oil becomes thick and hard to move around. The engine's torque can also suffer due to this problem; however, with an e-start, there is no question of torque.

An electric start is a better choice for your motorcycle, especially when you’re looking to buy one. Still, the drawback might be that it will drain out your battery faster than normal. A kick starter can also give you an upper hand while starting because it does not require any effort at all, so there's less chance of stalling or getting stuck between gears.

On top of this, if bikes with electric starters tend to stall occasionally during heavy traffic conditions, kick-started bikes do not have such issues. They offer seamless performance throughout even on city roads where traffic density is considerably high.

If your bike comes only with Electric start option and don’t have kick start option, you have to keep your bike in running condition other its battery will be drained out and then you have to start the bike by pushing in 1st gear or you have to take the bike to any authorized Service center to recharge the battery.

However, kick-started bikes have been phased out from the market because of their high maintenance costs and less reliability. The electric starter is a better option when you compare it with its counterpart but make sure that your bike has an inbuilt charging system, so you do not need to worry about getting stuck somewhere and having no support for starting again.

The Bottom Line


While choosing bikes, people often get confused about whether they should go for an electric start or kick start. However, we have assembled all the differences between both options to help you understand which one is better and what bike you must choose. Make sure to go through the Electric Start Vs Kick Start to make the right choice.

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