Electric Start Vs. Kick Start - A Quick Comparison

Motorcycle starts can be both convenient and inconvenient depending on the rider, the type of starter engine, and the purpose of the rides. The invention of electric bikes encourages a new debate among riders, and that is about the benefits and differences between both electric and kick starts.

If you make an electric start vs kick comparison, the only difference that is more apparent is their basic nature. For instance, a kick start requires manual kicking of the pedal to start a motorcycle, whereas the electric start needs a push of a button to start the bike.

Electric Start vs Kick Start: How do they Work?

With an electric start, an electric current flows to the battery upon pushing the start button. It then spins the gears on the crankshaft that starts the bike. As with kick start, you need to kick a pedal several times to spin the gears on the crankshaft.

Both electric start and kick start have their pros and cons depending on the rider, and they make significant differences in the way the bike works and rides. Here is a detailed electric start vs kick start comparison.

Electric Start

Advantages of an Electric Starter

  • The best part is that it doesn’t require a lot of strength to start the bike. It just needs a little push on the start button.
  • It requires less energy on steep hills to start the bike.
  • When you stall the bike to wait for the traffic to clear, an electric start works
  • best and is easier to start as compared to a kick start bike.
  • If your bike crashes during a motorcycle race and you need to start again quickly, only an electric start can save your day in such cases.

Disadvantages of an Electric Starter

  • You can get into trouble if your bike’s electric system gets wet, and if you are alone and don’t have a kick-start bike, you are practically stranded.
  • Bikes with electric starters run on batteries. It can fail miserably if the battery dies.
  • Also, your battery can die and freeze in a cold place which requires extra maintenance.
  • Batteries make bikes heavier, and riders always prefer light-weight bikes in case they need to push if the bike quits.

Kick Start

Advantages of a Kick Starter

  • A kick starter never fails its rider as it requires low maintenance.
  • Kick start bikes are more reliable in times such as motorcycle races or rides in the rain.
  • Kick start bikes are cheaper and cost-effective compared to electric start bikes.
  • Unlike electric start bikes, kick start bikes are significantly light-weight, which makes rides through tight trails easy.

Disadvantages of a Kick Starter

  • It can get challenging to kick start the bike. Sometimes, it doesn’t start in one go, especially if they are cold.
  • It is a physical toll on the body. Your feet can get sore by kicking the pedal.
  • You might miss the chance to win the race with kickstart bikes, you know what I mean.

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An electric start is pretty convenient but can’t beat kick start in terms of maintenance and price. So, it is wise to have a bike with both an electric start and a kick start installed so that you are never stranded when the battery fails.

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