What Are The Major Benefits of Owning a Two Wheeler Vehicle?

India is soon to become the most populated nation in the world surpassing China. Already, the average Indian finds it pretty hard to reach from point A to point B no thanks to heavy traffic. In the peak hours, it takes close to 149 % more time for one to reach their destination in India. This statement is backed by several independent studies.

It is not that population is the only reason that causes heavy traffic in India. Poor road infrastructure, inefficient as well as inadequate public transportation systems also contribute to the problem. Furthermore, the well-off Indians own more than two cars. On any given day, it is common to witness at least three cars coming out of wealthy Indian households. These additional vehicles further worsen the traffic conditions in all Indian metro and semi-urban cities.

So what can the common Indian do to reach their destination on time?

Instead of relying on the public transportation system, the common Indian prefers to own a two-wheeler. In a nation where space is premium, it is no surprise that the relevance of two-wheelers is increasing exponentially.

Furthermore, owning a two-wheeler has its fair share of benefits. Some of the most appealing benefits of owning a two-wheeler vehicle are mentioned below.

Two-wheelers offer better mileage and need minimal upkeep


Cars these days offer better fuel efficiency compared to cars of yesteryears. But still, a car cannot even come close to the fuel efficiency rate of two-wheelers. On average, a two-wheeler offers close to 50 km/litre mileage. Mileage bikes like Bajaj CT 110 can offer a real-world mileage of 70 LMPL. On the other hand, most fuel-efficient cars offer a real-world mileage of not more than 23 KMPL. Hence, owning a two-wheeler will be cheaper as the fuel costs will be low. Then there is the cost of repairing and servicing a car. The labour costs and cost of spare parts for a car are exorbitant. On the other hand, two-wheelers designed for the middle-income group need minimal upkeep. On top of this, all entry-level commuter bikes come with affordable spare parts. Hence, one will be able to save a lot of money when one owns a two-wheeler and not a car.

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Two-wheelers are ideal for Indian roads


Indian roads signify rugged commutes every time. One cannot expect to reach their destination without having slight backaches. The poor condition of roads no thanks to potholes, craters and ill-designed speed breakers are the reasons for the bumpy rides.

Cars do have modern suspensions and a flurry of onboard electronics that can dampen out most of the undulations. But a two-wheeler can help the commuter to avoid all hurdles on the road. The small footprint of a two-wheeler allows the vehicle to glide past potholes, and craters and even slide past speed breakers. Even if a two-wheeler encounters a pothole or a crater, the long suspension travel factor keeps the rider comfortable.

Furthermore, over time, the suspensions of cars will wear out prematurely if the vehicle is driven on bad roads regularly. It is no news that replacing the four suspensions of a car would cost the moon. Whereas, if the suspensions of a two-wheeler need replacing, the owner would not need to bleed their bank account dry.

Two-wheelers can be manoeuvred easily in heavy traffic


The traffic conditions in India are miserable, to be honest. Hence, when one is in a hurry, it is better to commute in a two-wheeler over a car. The reason is simple. Cutting through traffic is a skill that can be mastered only on a two-wheeler. One cannot expect to cut through traffic in a car. The limited footprint of a two-wheeler makes it perfect for city commutes. It is as simple as that.

Two-wheelers can be parked without much hassle


Space to park a personal vehicle is a premium commodity in India. Even if one finds a space to park their car, they would have to pay hefty parking fees. On the other hand, a two-wheeler can be parked on pocket roads or in the compound of one’s employment. Steering clear from paying parking fees or sweating over a parking space can be achieved when one gets a two-wheeler.

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Two-wheelers are affordable


Compared to cars, the ex-showroom MSRPs of two-wheelers are pretty low. Just like cars, two-wheelers have several prices and engine categories. It means that there is a two-wheeler for everyone irrespective of one’s financial abilities. Buying a two-wheeler uplifts the morale of a person. At the same time, they can improve their social status. All of these aspects can be enjoyed without additional financial burden. A two-wheeler compared to a car entail low ownership costs. If one is worried about the price of a two-wheeler they like, they can always apply for a two-wheeler loan.



Buying a two-wheeler is better than a car since one can finance a two-wheeler quickly and easily. Furthermore, lenders offer two-wheeler loans with attractive debt repayment options and low-interest rates. One can even benefit from long tenures. Flexible terms where borrowers are not penalized for clearing the debt before the tenure is over is also a USP! To learn more, please feel free to consult with a professional financial advisor before proceeding.

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