Bajaj Pulsar 125 Carbon Fibre Edition Launched, Check Price & Specifications

No other bike manufacturer even comes close to Bajaj Auto in terms of success and market share. Bajaj Auto offers a large motorcycle line-up for the Indian market.

However, the brand's Pulsar range is the best of the rest! This is the reason why several Bajaj bikes are sold in India and overseas under the Pulsar brand. The Pulsar range starts with the 125 CC variant of the Pulsar. This post will shine a light on the best aspects of the bike. Read on to learn more.

Pulsar 125



The Pulsar 125 is an entry-level sports-style commuter bike.

The Bike is Aggressively Priced


Bajaj Auto has always been associated with quality-assured and reasonably priced motorcycles. The same formula is applied to the Pulsar 125. This is the reason why the base model of the bike comes at Rs. 99,582* (ex-showroom). The top variant of the bike comes at Rs. 1, 12,054* (ex-showroom). The bike entails six variants and 6 colour schemes.

Back-to-basic Packaging that Delivers a Raw Riding Experience Every Time!


Bajaj Auto has kept the Pulsar 125’s packaging pretty basic. The upside of basic packaging is that the bike offers a raw riding experience every time. The aesthetic features of the bike are mentioned in the sections below –

  • The bike comes with a single-pod headlight.
  • The headlight pod is flanked by two DRLs.
  • The fuel tank has a muscular design and comes with bolted shrouds
  • The side-slung exhaust manifold has a hunky design language.
  • The bike is available with dual pillion grab rails for the split-seat version.
  • The bike is also available with a single-piece pillion grab rail for the single-seat version.

A 125 cc Motorcycle that does Justice to the Pulsar brand


Pulsar is a brand that put Bajaj Auto in the top position. The overall looks of the Pulsar 125 pay homage to the OG Pulsar that was introduced back in 2001. The overall appearance, street presence and dimensions of the Pulsar 125 are similar to the Pulsar 150. Hence, people looking for a stylish 125 CC bike readily choose the Pulsar 125.

One of the Most Fuel-efficient 125 cc Motorcycles in India


All bikes from Bajaj are known for their impressive mileage. The same Unique Selling Point applies to the Pulsar 125. The owner-claimed mileage of the Pulsar 125 is a whopping 50 KMPL! This feat was possible for the Pulsar 125 to achieve thanks to the addition of the EFI. EFI is the abbreviation of Electronic Fuel Injection. Bajaj Auto chose to replace the carburettor of the Pulsar 125 with an EFI to make the bike BS6-compliant. The decision paid off for the brand, for sure!

A 125 cc Motorcycle with Unmatched Performance, Ride ergonomics and Road Behaviour


The engine of the Pulsar 125 is an engineering marvel, to be honest. The level of R&D that went into perfecting the engine is phenomenal. To put things into perspective, the power stroke of the engine is shorter compared to rival 125 CC engines.

Furthermore, Bajaj engineers kept the bore of the 125 CC engine similar to the bore of the Pulsar 150’s engine. This simple step allows the engine to offer best-in-class torque and power outputs. On top of this, the engine also has a high redline that ensures linear power delivery across all RPM ranges. Bajaj also paired the engine with its patented DTS-i and ExhausTEC technologies. The result is an engine with 12 bhp of peak power and 11 Nm of peak torque. The engine also offers impressive low-end torque thus making this bike ideal for dense traffic crawls. The engine is paired with a smooth-shifting 5-speed gearbox and a light clutch.

The bike is also more ergonomic than other 125 CC bikes. The bike comes with a raised handlebar. The footrests are also rear-set. Hence, the rider will sit with a comfortable stance. The 800 mm seat height ensures easy mounts and dismounts.

The handling of the Pulsar 125 is also phenomenal. The suspensions and their tuning are similar to the Pulsar 150. Hence, the Pulsar 125 runs stable on straight lines and corners, just like the Pulsar 150.

Introducing the Carbon Fibre Edition of the Pulsar 125


Bajaj Pulsar 125 Carbon Fibre Edition was recently launched. This is a cosmetic upgrade that adds to the appeal of the bike.

This special edition bike comes with carbon fibre-like decals. This special variant of the bike comes with blue and red paint. Whichever colour one chooses, the decal paint scheme will be black. This special edition is available in both split and single-seat variants.

The carbon fibre-like graphics will be applied on the –

  • Fuel tank
  • Headlight cowl
  • Fuel tank shrouds
  • Rear panel
  • Engine cowl and
  • Alloy wheel stripes of the bike.

To learn more about the bike, please consider contacting the nearest Bajaj two-wheeler dealership.

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