Why are KTM Bikes a Big Name in the Indian Market?

KTM is an Austrian bike brand that found success in India within a short time. How? Well, read on to learn more.

KTM entered India back in 2012. Within a short time, KTM became one of the fastest-growing bike manufacturers. KTM is an acronym for Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen. It is an Austrian bike brand that is renowned worldwide for its track-only and track-ready motorcycles. KTM engines are mostly single-cylinder units. Another significance of KTM engines is that they are rev-happy.

This post will shed light on the factors that led the Austrian bike brand to make it big in India.

Here goes –

The Timing for the Brand’s India Entry was Impeccable


The entry timing for KTM bikes in India was impeccable. By 2012, Indian motorcycle enthusiasts were quite bored with the bikes available at that time. By entering India, KTM compelled other bike brands to go back to their design studios.

KTM bikes entered the Indian motorcycle industry like a breath of fresh air and the rest is history. It is safe to state that KTM ushered in a new era of bike designs and technology in India.

All KTM Bikes Come with an Otherworldly Design Language


Bikes made by KTM come with two USPs (Unique Selling Points) - otherworldly performance and looks.

As already mentioned, with the advent of the KTM in India, the bike makers in India went back to their designing studios. KTM bikes offer three types of bike body styles.

The first one is the naked streetfighter style bike range that consists of the Duke range.

The second category is that of the semi faired track-ready compact sports bike range that consists of the RC series.

The third category is the semi-naked adventure bike range that consists of the Adventure range.

KTM Offers a Wide Range of Bikes In Terms of Engine Displacement


KTM is an OEM that offers a 125 CC motorcycle alongside its 200 CC, 250 CC and 390 CC motorcycles. This wide range of engine displacements allowed the bike brand to become popular among riders from all economic backgrounds.

KTM Bikes are Equipped with Performance-Oriented Features


KTM bikes are also preferred by motorcycle enthusiasts who are always on the hunt for bikes with advanced features.

For instance, all KTM motorcycles in India are built on the fabled Trellis frame. The gearbox on all KTM motorcycles is track-tested. All suspensions equipped on KTM motorcycles come from WP Apex. The brake callipers on KTM motorcycles are from ByBre (By Brembo)! Then there is the slipper clutch on select KTM motorcycles in India. The function of the slipper clutch is to allow aggressive downshifts without locking the rear wheel!

Another KTM-only feature that has gained quite a fan base is the SuperMoto mode. The SuperMoto mode allows the rider to disable the ABS sensor for the rear wheel. Hence, one can drift into corners without worrying about crashing the bike.

How is that possible?

Well, with the SuperMoto mode engaged, the front wheel ABS sensor will still be active thus ensuring rider safety.

KTM Bikes are Known for Their Sharp and Dynamic Ride Quality


KTM motorcycles are offered to customers only after the bikes have proven their merit on the test tracks. One might think that it is what every other OEM does but that is not the case. Sure, other OEMs do test their bikes on their test tracks but KTM takes it a notch higher!

All KTM motorcycles are ‘Ready-To-Race’. This is not a mere tagline for marketing purposes. All KTM motorcycles are derivatives of SuperMoto track-only motorcycles. Hence, it is no wonder that mating powerful engines with relatively low-weight bodies are synonymous with KTM.

Furthermore, KTM uses the Trellis frame which has proven its worth worldwide in professional motorcycle races. This is the reason why KTM motorcycles are dynamic in terms of their ride quality. The sharp response from the bike irrespective of the speed is also a result of the short wheelbases of KTM motorcycles. Another aspect that adds to the dynamic ride quality of KTM motorcycles is the ideal power-to-weight ratio.

For more details, one should book a test ride of their preferred KTM bike. A test ride will allow one to witness firsthand why KTM bikes are so popular all across the globe.

KTM Bikes are Known for High Power to Weight Ratio


KTM bikes are famous for their tremendous power to weight ratio because of the highly reliable and low weight Trellis frame along with exceptional power from each capacity engine.

Because of the above two factors, KTM bikes are known for their extraordinary power to weight ratio.

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