Motorcycle Chassis - 4 Types of Motorcycle Chassis Explained

The primary function of the motorcycle frame (also known as Motorcycle Chassis) is to hold the different parts together in one rigid structure and prevent it from falling apart. In other words, a motorcycle frame is its core structure or skeleton made to support the suspension, seats, handlebars, fuel tank, and engine. It also houses the steering equipment in the front with the help of a steering head tube.

Earlier, frames were commonly made from steel; however, manufacturers now also use long-lasting materials such as Titanium, Magnesium, Carbon Fiber, etc., depending upon requirements and production costs.

There are various types of motorcycle chassis. In this post, we have listed a few of those.

Backbone Chassis

The backbone frame is shaped like a spine and holds important bike parts in place, and the engine is attached to the frame. The amount of product used to make this is lesser than other frame types, making it very cost-effective. Even though the backbone frame's production is inexpensive and comfortable, it is not the first choice for many as it lacks strength and torsional rigidity. It is the cheapest type of motorcycle chassis.

Single Cradle Chassis

A single cradle frame or single downtube frame resembles the framework of a bicycle. It has a unique steel tube that goes down to support the engine for a single cradle chassis. It also has a simple and cost-effective structure. It comprises steel tubes welded together to form a structure that holds the various components of the motorcycle. In some cases, the engine is attached to the chassis and works with it, bearing some of the stress. A single cradle chassis, in most cases, would mention whether the engine is a stressed member of the frame or not.

Double Cradle Frame

A Double Cradle or a double downtube chassis frame has got two tubes going down that cradle it. A Double Cradle chassis is better than its single downtube counterparts in terms of strength and rigidity, though there is no evident difference in cost. While this type of frame is the most common choice in India due to its sturdiness and cost-effectiveness, it is not the best performance-wise and has an outdated design. If you want to buy a bike with a double-cradle frame but are unable to afford it, we would suggest you apply for a two wheeler loan.

Perimeter Chassis

The perimeter frame, also known as the Twin Spar frame, is one of the most popular choices among performance sports bikes due to its suitability for high-performance motorcycle applications. This type of motorcycle chassis reduces rigidity as its steering head joins the swing arm in the shortest distance possible. The beams entering the steering head with the swing-arm are stiff, light, and surround the engine. Earlier, these were made of steel; now, almost all modern perimeter frames are made of lightweight aluminum.

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In this post, we discussed the variety of available options when it comes to motorcycle chassis, and we hope we could help you choose the motorcycle most suitable for you.

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