The Different Types of Motorbikes in India for 2023

Motorbikes are categorized into different categories based on various factors. Some of the significant factors are listed below:

  1. Different road conditions and terrain: Not every vehicle is suitable for every terrain and modifications to are done based on the type of terrain.

  2. Type of rider: the type of motorbikes are also categorized based on what kind of rider is going to buy the vehicle. The power and handling of the bikes vary on this basis.

  3. Comfort vs Performance: Some people want more comfort; some want better performance, and some want both so on this basis also the categorization has been done.
  4. Purpose: This is also one of the major reasons leading to the categorization of the motorbikes. Every rider has a different purpose of buying a motorbike, and this gives a major reason to categorize motorbikes.

Let’s talk about the different types of motorcycles and their price range:

  • Adventure Touring Bikes / Dual Sports: These bikes are anywhere ready to be it gravel or sand it can conquer all look like a cross between a touring and a dirt bike.
  • Choppers: They are mainly customized bikes with an extremely raked fork and lousy seats, and it is full of chrome, which makes it an extravagant affair.
  • Cruisers: If you want to ride in a low comfortable position through the city, then this is just the motorbike for you. It has low reclining seats and front footed control pedals.
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Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 [1L to 1.1L]

  • Power Cruisers: A cruiser with thick rear tires and a large exhaust boasting a massive engine.
  • Dirt Bikes: These motorcycles have a minimal framework for a lengthy suspension and are light-weight with knobby tires. Suitable for your off-roading adventures.
  • Enduro Bikes: These are similar to a dirt bike but feature a headlight and a taillight for long-distance offroading.
  • Motocross Bikes: Made for motocross events in indoor arenas with sharp turns and jumps.
  • Naked Bikes: These are sports bike basically with a naked bodywork and a raw look with visible components and the engine.

KTM 390 Duke (1.4L to 1.6L)

  • Scooters: They are small, lightweight bikes having a step-through design and engine capacity ranging from 50cc - 250cc
  • Power Scooters: Having a little more oomph than the regular scooter these bikes have a larger engine and the step-through body saves you from being in an uncomfortable position for a long time.
  • Sports Bike: They are made for high-performance track duty with immensely powerful engines and built to perform on the tracks.

Sports Bikes available In India are :

Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 (1.35L to 1.45L)

KTM Duke 125 (1.20Lakhs to 1.30Lakhs)

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Sports bike Under 1 Lakh:

Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 (90k to 1L)

Bajaj Pulsar 180f (90k to 1L)

SuperMoto Bikes: Also known as “street fighters” these bikes are a mix of sports bikes and off-roaders, it needs a unique riding style to comply with the balancing.

KTM DUKE 125 (1.25L to 1.35L)

  • Touring Bike: Bikes made for long-distance riding equipped with adjustable suspension and various electronic instruments.
  • Trials Bike: These bikes are lightweight bikes made to climb and descend man-made or natural obstacle tracks, and in such event, the rider is penalized if his feet touch the ground.
  • Commuter Bikes: Bikes suitable for day to day travel having a higher mileage output.
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Bajaj Discover 110 (50k to 60k)

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