Transfer Bike Registration Online: Bike RC Transfer Fee, Process

Bike Registration Certificate or RC transfer can be done within the state and to other states in India. The transfer of bike RC entails two aspects. One is the ownership transfer while the other refers to a transfer from one Regional Transport Office (RTO) to another.

Transfer of RC Within a State


A bike RC transfer is required when a pre-owned bike is sold to a third party. It is the primary transfer of ownership and possession of a bike from a previous owner to a new one.

This process requires submission of documents which fulfils several legal compliances required during transfer of bike ownership from one person to another which include:

  • Sale from the owner
  • Sale by a third party
  • On the bike owner’s demise
  • After its auction

Documents Required for RC Transfer


The necessary documents for RC transfer includes.

  • Registration Certificate book
  • PUC certificate
  • Bike insurance policy
  • The bike’s chassis and engine print
  • Sales receipt
  • Deed of transfer
  • Road tax certificate
  • Identity proof of the buyer
  • Address proof of the buyer
  • Buyer’s PAN card or Form 60/61
  • Passport-sized photographs of both the buyer and seller
  • If the bike was purchased on loan NOC from the bank is required

Bike RC Transfer Fee


The Bike RC Transfer cost includes:

  • RTO fees for ownership transfer completion vary from Rs. 30 to Rs. 35 depending on the state.
  • Smart card fees need to be paid to the RTO which amounts to Rs. 200.
  • Bike RC Transfer Process within State

Offline Bike RC Transfer Process

  • Step 1 – Application form submission A seller needs to apply for ownership before the transfer to the buyer is completed. The new owner must submit the application if there is an instance of the owner’s demise.
  • Step 2 – Document submission/transfer The seller needs to hand over the necessary documents to the buyer. Buyer and seller need to submit their documents for completion of the transfer process.

Bike RC Transfer Online - Within State


Several people wonder how to transfer RC of bikes online. A few states have shifted the process online too. You need to pay the applicable fees on this portal and complete the process.

Bike RC Transfer from One State to Another


You need to complete the process of transfer when moving interstate. Although, compared to transfer within a state, the registration transfer from one state to another is to notify the initial RTO where the bike was registered and also the new state’s RTO.

The previous owner needs to obtain a No Claim Bonus certificate before the insurance policy handover as it is non-transferable in nature. You also need to ensure that there is no pending Two wheeler loan, interest rates based EMIs or any other liabilities.

Documents Required for Inter-state Bike RC Transfer


The documents required for an interstate bike transfer registration certificate is almost identical to that of within the state.

  • NOC from the previous registered RTO for the two wheeler loan
  • CMV Form 28
  • A clearation from No Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) to prove the vehicle’s non-involvement from any illegal activities
  • Receipt of road tax from the new state of the transfer

Steps For Inter-state Bike RC Transfer

  • Step 1 – Bank’s NOC if bike purchased on loan The owner must obtain a NOC from their bank before transferring it from one state to another, if the bike is purchased on loan. An owner must submit all required documents to the concerned bank to obtain the NOC.
  • Step 2 - NOC from the RTO from bike’s initial registration Obtain a NOC from the RTO where the bike was previously registered. To do so, you need to submit the required documents such as NOC from the bank for the two wheeler loan and bike’s chassis imprint, etc.
  • Step 3 – New state’s RTO registration The bike needs to have a registration with the new state’s RTO after the transfer. The transferable documents must be registered in the new owner’s name before any submission for the sale of bike transfer.

Interstate Bike RC Transfer Online


The process of how to transfer RC of bikes online when moving from one state to another happens only when both states facilitate the digital process.



Several states have simplified the RC transfer process with the online process. Lenders such as Bajaj Auto Finance help you with affordable Two wheeler loan interest rates.

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