Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Motorcycle (Bike)

There are plenty of reasons that drive people to own and ride a motorcycle. This post in the following sections will try to shed light on some of those reasons.

Motorcycle rides keep you fit


A pillion rider may not agree with this sub-heading but ask an avid motorcyclist and they might!

People who ride their bikes frequently need to remain fit. On top of this, every motorcycle ride offers a degree of workout to the rider.

How you ask!?

Well, consider the following –

Riding a motorcycle is not at all similar to driving a car – agreed?

A motorcyclist needs to move according to the direction they want their machine to move – agreed?

Hence, all of that extra movement, split-second decisions and stance changes leads to a healthy dose of cardio.

If you fail to agree with this then refer to a MotoGP race video. You will witness how MotoGP riders need to remain in their peak physique.

It is safe to conclude that riding motorcycles is a form of isometric exercise – to state the least!

Motorcycles give you a sense of freedom


Motorcycle riders always claim how each ride offers them to feel free.

The explanation is as follows –

Riding a motorcycle offers you to feel multiple emotions at the same time.

For instance, you will enjoy the exhilaration, the fear will keep you grounded and your mind will enjoy the relaxation.

The engine vibrations and the sudden shifts in the centre of gravity will act as a boost to your mindfulness.

Furthermore, since you are in full control of the machine, you will become one with the same. A sense of freedom will rush through your veins that will leave you craving for more.

The cost of owning a bike is less than owning a car

This is no brainer!

If you consider fuel expenses, insurance costs and servicing costs of a motorcycle, it is definitely cheaper than a car!

So, go on ahead, apply for a bike loan and buy the motorcycle that lets your heart skip a beat!

Traffic can’t stop you!


It is nightmarish for car owners when they get stuck in heavy traffic.

You can put an end to your commute woes by investing in a motorcycle today.

Motorcycles are perfect for cutting through traffic in both urban and rural settings. Its limited dimensions, impressive handling and immaculate control allow you to leave all the traffic behind!

Zipping past static vehicles and zooming away the moment the light turns green is a thrill in itself!

In this context, remember to always wear riding gear, boots and your full-face helmet. Also, try not to break any traffic laws!

It is all about the thrill of the ride


One of the top reasons to buy a motorcycle is the thrill each ride will offer you.

The wind touching your face, the adrenaline racing through your veins the moment you open up the throttle. All the little things that are absent in a car, are present in a motorcycle ride.

Enthusiasts never fail to praise their motorcycles thanks to the happy moments they have shared with their machines.

The overall experience of riding a motorcycle fast is completely different from driving a car. What may feel like a gentle cruise on a car, will surely feel like breakneck speed on a motorcycle.

On top of this, driving a car is more or less a relaxing activity but motorcycle rides are pretty intense!



You might not believe but a motorcycle is comparatively greener than a car. A motorcycle consumes less fuel but covers more kilometres. On top of this, well-maintained motorcycles emit less harmful exhaust fumes. Hence, if you want to keep the environment green, buy and ride a motorcycle!

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