Top 5 Reasons Why Bajaj Bike Loan Is The Best Option

Bikes are the real saviours to overcome the difficulties of Indian roads. Whether it's traffic, rough roads, or narrow lanes, two-wheelers serve as an ultimate solution to every road problem. In addition, they offer great comfort, power, and a faster mode of transport.

However, most of these beasty two-wheelers, or even the daily commuting ones, fall at the expensive end. But you don’t need to worry since Bajaj Auto Finance is here with its attractive and affordable online two-wheeler loan policies.

5 Reasons To Apply for Bajaj Bike Loans


Bajaj bike finance online approval offers great deals to their customers, some of which are discussed below -

1. Maximum Coverage


One of the main reasons to apply for a bajaj bike loan is that bajaj bike loans cover up to 100% of the bike's total value, which means less stress on your savings.

So whether you want to choose an expensive, aggressive sports bike like Dominar 400 or a budget mileage king like Bajaj CT110X, apply for bike loan online and get a maximum loan value ratio that leaves a minimum initial down payment that you pay.

2. Minimum Interest Rates


Along with the maximum loan value ratio, it is important to look for minimum interest rates. Minimum interest rate means less charge added to EMIs, thus more convenient.

And Bajaj online two wheeler loan offers the same, loan processing fees starting @1% onwards* and exciting IRR starting from 11.20% onwards*. Also, customers with good credit scores can get even lesser interest rates.

3. Long Tenures


Once you get your two wheeler loan online approval, Bajaj Auto Finance allows a great period to repay the loan. And the beneficiaries can choose the loan amount and number of EMIs as per their need and financial status. Moreover, with a tenure period of up to 36 months, it is very easy for customers to pay their EMIs.

When applying for a bike finance online application, the Bajaj EMI calculator allows users to calculate their monthly EMIs and compare interest rates, easing customers to choose their loan plan.

4. Easy Application


When you apply for bike loan online, it takes only 3 minutes to fill Bajaj Auto Finance application. However, after filling the online application form and attaching documents that are authentic and up to date, you might get your two wheeler loan online approval within 5 minutes only.

The applicant must be an adult and an Indian resident to pass the eligibility criterion for bike loan apply online process. And the documents required for a two-wheeler loan are:

The eligibility and document requirements are minimal and easy to get hands-on, so the Bajaj bike loan apply online process is really quick.

5. Hassle-Free Repayment


It is very simple to pay back your EMIs by logging into your loan account or through the quick pay facility with the Bajaj Auto Finance website. Or you can choose to deposit your EMIs to the provided account during the two wheeler loan apply online process.

To get updated about fixed EMI amount, due date, and other information, one can also avail SMS services or call helpline numbers.



It is better to go for a two wheeler loan, apply online procedure, and pay back the amount via systemic monthly EMIs. The reason being that it lightens the one-time burden on your wallet; hence it is the best method of purchasing a two-wheeler vehicle.

Therefore, if you plan to buy a two-wheeler, consider Bajaj Auto Finance as your financing partner and avail your instant bike loan.

  • Identity proof (Aadhaar, PAN, or any other)
  • Address proof (Aadhaar, PAN, recent electricity bill, or any other)
  • Salary slips for employed persons.
  • Self-employed persons need to attach stable income sources and the last 6 months' bank statements for online two wheeler loan.

  • Apply for Loan Calculate Your EMI