Top 5 Reasons To Buy a Cruiser Bike Over Sports Bikes?

Choosing between a cruiser and any other sports bike can lead to several debates among bike enthusiasts. While owning the latter can be beneficial, but when it comes to riding on the roads of India, rooting for a regular sports bike can prove to be a wrong decision.

Cruisers come with fascinating styles and stances that make them stand out from the crowd. It is one of the many reasons why these bikes have a huge fan following in western countries and are rapidly making their way into India as well.

Reasons To Buy A Cruiser Bike Over Sports Bike


Cruisers have their pros over other sports and daily commuting bikes because of various factors. The top reasons to buy cruiser are mentioned below:

1. Comfortable While Riding


The primary difference between a sports bike and a cruiser is in the riding position. The cruisers have lower seating and wide handlebars inclined towards the rear, making them just perfect and comfortable for longer rides. The pillion seat is vast, and the footrest is also placed further than the standard position.

All these features make cruiser bikes in India give the rider a more enjoyable experience than sports bikes. Therefore, if going for long rides off the road is your calling, cruisers are meant for you.

2. A Worriless Ride


The cruisers come with a larger fuel tank capacity ranging between 13 to 20 litres, giving you a higher range of distance that can be covered. Therefore, you don't need to keep thinking about stopping and refilling your tank.

3. A Great Start For Beginners


This bike is an absolute game-changer for rookie bike enthusiasts. Compared to other sports bikes, the cruiser has a lower centre of gravity, giving the rider better access to control than others.

The accelerator and the bike brake systems are also easily accessible, especially if you’re a beginner. Because of its lower seating, it is highly comfortable for those with a comparatively shorter height to quickly get on and off the bike.

This bike also comes with a windscreen for dust protection. You can also accessorise the bike to hold your phone, navigational devices or a cup of coffee!

4. Powerful Engine


Cruiser bikes in India and worldwide are known for their robust engines, built to give a better torque than power while keeping it cool for a longer duration. In case the engine starts to heat up, you can bring down the temperature by lowering the revs.

Apart from riding a cruiser during long journeys, these bikes are also super comfortable in the city. Almost all cruiser bikes have been designed to give a better low and mid-range performance. Moreover, you won’t have to struggle with the throttle even at lower speeds when in traffic.

5. Easy Maintenance


Unless you plan to do a major repair or customization, the cruisers can be easily maintained. Compared to other sports bikes, changing the oil is also faster because you don't have to remove any covers when it comes to cruisers.

Therefore, a set of lifts and beginner tools will do the job for you, thereby helping you keep up with the essential maintenance and tune-ups easily.



The above-mentioned top reasons to buy cruiser bikes over sports bikes will help you differentiate between sports bikes and cruisers and decide in your favour.

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