Top 5 Budget Friendly Motorcycles In India That You Buy In 2022

Motorcycles are rightly known as the commoner’s transport, thanks to their affordability and fuel economy. There resides a vast range of budget-friendly motorcycles in India as the manufacturers are well aware of the public’s requirement for convenient transportation.

A commuter motorcycle’s general characteristics include having good mileage and a less powerful engine to generate a decent amount of raw power. Comfortable seats for pillion, less complicated overall design and structure for reduced maintenance cost are some other crucial features.

The following article will discuss the top five budget-friendly motorcycles in India that you can buy in 2021.

So, let’s begin!


Bajaj CT 100


This high mileage commuter has survived two generations and is set to stay for a few more. The motorcycle comes packed with a 102cc engine which churns 7.79bhp power. The most attractive specification associated with the Bajaj CT 100 is its mileage, a whooping 75kmpl.

The design dynamics is well suited for Indian riding conditions, and it is a hassle-free two-wheeler that can run well on the city and urban roads. It comes with an ex-showroom price of INR 45,925.


Bajaj CT 110


The Bajaj CT 110 is quite similar to Bajaj CT 100 in terms of features, the significant difference being in both the engines’ displacement. CT 110 was launched for riders who prefer a little more power to suit city roads’ requirements and get through the hefty traffic and steep climbs and over bridges with ease.

The CT 110 is powered by a 115cc engine and churns 8.6bhp power.

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Bajaj Platina 100


Bajaj Platina sits a little above its sibling CT 100 in terms of specs and features and is moderately priced at INR 52,915. Another H-Gear variant is available with over an INR 10,000 addition in the ex-showroom price, in which you get enhanced power and a 5-speed gear option.

The two Platinas are powered by 102cc and 115cc engines, respectively, and offer a handsome mileage of around 76kmpl.


Bajaj Pulsar 125


The Pulsar 125 is the Pulsar range’s entry-level bike and carries the same racing DNA found in its elder siblings. If you are looking for a commuter motorcycle with muscular looks and dependable body and features, then Pulsar 125 can be a smart buy as it is pretty affordable compared to the features it provides.

The young Pulsar comes with a 124.4cc engine and churns a sufficient 11.64bhp power, and has a decent fuel economy of about 50-55 kmpl.


Bajaj Pulsar 150


If you are looking for something more inclined towards the performance side while also taking care of the mileage, then you have the option to buy the most popular Pulsar variant, i.e., the Pulsar 150.

Been around for a couple of decades now, Pulsar 150 is widely recognised for its unmatched pickup and power, thanks to the 149.5cc engine generating 13.79bhp power. The bike is robust and offers excellent braking, which is a must in high-performance bikes.

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In Pulsar 150, you can experience the thrill like that of a sports bike, while the fuel economy of 50kmpl ensures that you don’t have to invest a lot in the fuel.




There’s no denying that Bajaj offers the best commuter bikes, which are budget-friendly and provide a good economy. These motorcycles hold the trust of thousands of Indian riders, and Bajaj has smartly prevailed its signature bikes by doing the necessary revamps from time to time.

Although these bikes are the absolute best under India’s most economical ones, if you still find yourself requiring funding to purchase them, Bajaj is your one-stop destination. Bajaj Auto Finance provides Two wheeler loans, which complement Bajaj Auto Limited, forming a symbiotic relationship.

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