Top 10 Fuel Savings Tips To Get Maximum Efficiency From Bike

Many people in India own two wheelers because they are very convenient and have a lower operating cost than four-wheeler vehicles. Bikes are the preferred mode of transportation because they get you from point A to point B the quickest through the heavy traffic and narrow lanes.

With fuel prices on the rise, owning a two-wheeler can also become costly. Hence, we bring to you the top 10 fuel saving tips that can turn the tables and cut down your fuel expenses to a great extent! So, let's begin.

10 Tips To Increase Your Mileage-


1. Bike Maintenance


The first fuel-saving tip has to do with keeping your bike well maintained. A well-maintained bike will use fuel efficiently and prove to be more economical. If you do not retain your bike's condition well, whatever money you save on servicing will be spent through a loss of efficiency.

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2. Proper Driving


While a quick burst of the throttle and irregular gear changes can sometimes prove necessary, they use a lot of fuel to execute. Revving the engine when it is in a lower gear is also a waste of energy. Maintaining a cruise speed of 40-50kph is optimal.

3. Engine Care


Even the best mileage bikes in India will not perform if the engine is not aerated well. Good aeration refers to ensuring proper air intake by avoiding after-market fittings and bags. Adequate ventilation is the best thing for any bike engine.

4. Slow Start


A gradual start is the best for optimal fuel usage; this is especially helpful early in the morning or if the bike has been idle for an extended period. Giving the engine a warm-up period of 5 km is the best course of action.

5. Tyres


It may seem like an obvious fuel saving tip, but you should maintain tyres as per the recommended air pressure. When the tyres are not at the optimal air pressure, they create drag which works adversely, lowering the bike's fuel efficiency.

Similarly, wide tyres have the same effect on the fuel, so when you buy a wide tyre, you are not just paying for the wheel but also all the extra fuel it will guzzle.

6. Lubrication


If the bike is not adequately lubricated, even the best mileage bikes in India might offer lower fuel economies and potentially become dangerous. Oiling of the machinery at regular intervals will ensure that all the bike parts are running smoothly.

7. Fuel Tank


You must clean the fuel tank to avoid clogging it. The tank and the fuel lines that transport it to the engine must be cleaned of all the dirt and gunk that accumulates over time.

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8. Brake And Clutch


While riding, be careful to ensure that you are not accidentally deploying the rear brakes or the clutch. It causes an unnecessary burden on the engine and guzzles a lot of fuel.

9. Turn The Engine Off While Idle


When at traffic lights, turn the engine off; this simple step will save you a lot of fuel considering how many traffic lights are there in the metropolitan cities. However, if the stop is shorter than 30 seconds, it makes more economic sense to leave the engine running.

10. Same Petrol Station


Refilling your bike only from one petrol station will increase the engine's efficiency as it does not have to deal with the slight variation in fuel from different stations.

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Besides sticking to these fuel saving tips, the most obvious way to save fuel is to buy a good mileage bike from the start. Bajaj Auto have plenty of economical bikes to choose from in your price range. When you buy from Bajaj, you buy only the premium quality that guarantees your safety, comfort and enjoyment.

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