Tips To Maintain Two Wheeler Vehicle During Lockdown

The pandemic's influence may be seen all around the planet. The problems it introduced were unparalleled, and nobody would have predicted that the scenario would become so bad in such a short period. While the bulk of the globe has plunged into total lockdown, our activities have also come to a halt. We're instructed to stay at home for our safety.

Our travelling has become limited, which has resulted in our vehicle's mobility becoming limited as well. But this also implies that you must continually maintain its vitality so that you do not wind up paying a high price once the lockdown is lifted. So, here are some tips to maintain two wheeler vehicle in good shape throughout the lockdown:

1. Battery


The most important aspect of a two-wheeler’s existence is its battery. Now that the bike is living a sedentary existence like ours, it's best to unhook the battery. If you're not sure how to do this, you may start your two-wheeler every week and let it rest for a while. In addition, oiling the two-wheeler promotes lubrication, which prevents the battery from discharging and depleting.

2. Lubrication


Aside from inspecting the batteries for proper operation, you must also maintain the chains, springs and cables that are integral elements of your two-wheeler. They must be kept oiled for the vehicle's performance to be the same as during normal movement. Light lubricants are preferable since they do not gather dust. This is the way how to increase bike mileage.

3. Park At A Secure Location


Primarily, store your two-wheeler in a secure location to keep it free of dust, twigs, and other debris. Also, if you don't have a safe place to park your car, consider investing in a bike cover to keep your bike safe. It is one of the best tips to maintain two wheeler vehicle in the lockdown period.

4. Proper Parking


Always store your motorcycle in the standing area rather than side support so that the liquids in the car remain balanced and recirculate, lubricating the interior components. Thus, the bike is safe from dropping and putting strain on the tyres. Not to mention, always keep your two-wheeler locked to avoid theft.

How To Increase Bike Mileage?


There are various tips to increase the bike mileage. Some of them are mentioned as:

  1. The mileage of your bike is greatly influenced by servicing it at the appropriate intervals. Service not only enhances engine health but also extends the life of your car.
  2. Even with quality services, if you see that your mileage isn't increasing, you should get your bike's carburettor settings examined. Re-tuning the carburettor, either electronically or manually, significantly aids in recovering engine performance.
  3. Every bike has a specific tyre pressure. Verify the tyre pressure at least twice a year, when you go to the petrol station and before you go on a long trip.



All that can be stated is that while you may not be able to control growing gasoline costs, you can surely increase your bike's mileage and maintain your two-wheeler in the lockdown.

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