5 Tips to Keep Your Two Wheeler Ready for Summer Heat

In hot summer months, when it becomes impossible to sit in a hot, humid car, people love to take their bikes out for a ride. Nothing feels better than the wind cooling you as you ride through busy markets and business districts. Your bike is ready to serve you all year round, but only if you can take care of it occasionally.

To take care of your bike in summers, there are a few steps you must follow:

1. Coolant is Important

Coolant plays a massive role in keeping your engine healthy, especially during summer. With the weather already so hot, your engine tends to get hot very quickly. This will happen more frequently if there is something wrong with your coolant. If you compare dominar 400 vs duke 360, which are two of the best bikes in India, you will find that both of them are liquid-cooled. For such bikes, you must change the coolant regularly, preferably as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, make sure you check your radiator fan regularly. If it stops working due to a mechanical fault, changing coolants will not help.

In case of bikes that utilize the air-based cooling system, you must clean the engine regularly to allow maximum heat to dissipate. When dust accumulates around your engine, it prevents air from escaping the engine. This makes your engine very hot when you ride your bike.

2. Tires Need Care Too

During summer, the air in your tires expands. You should always keep the air pressure in your tires a little lower than usual. If your bike’s tires have high air pressure, they might end up bursting while you are riding your bike. As your tires make contact with the road, a lot of friction is produced, which results in a large amount of heat. This will damage your tires over time.

If possible, change the gas in your tires to Nitrogen. It expands less and keeps your tires cool.

3. Say No to A Full Fuel-Tank

Carbon-based fuel, i.e., petrol and diesel expand a lot when they get heated. If you fill your fuel tank during summer months, it will result in an overflow. If you happen to park your bike under the sun, you might get back to a messy fuel tank. To prevent leakage, always keep you fuel tank either half-filled or filled to three-quarters of the way.

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4. Electric Parts Need to Be Cared For

In a humid environment, it is very easy for electrical parts of your bike to get damaged. The most common problem you might face is the blowing of fuses. You should always carry a few extra fuses with you whenever you go for a ride. This will enable you to change your fuse even if it blows in the middle of the road. If your bike has a small storage cabinet, you should store one in there.

5. Lubricate Your Engine

Friction creates heat, which is worse during the summer months. You should always use a good lubricant for your bike. This allows all the parts to move smoothly. Also, oil your engine regularly to ensure smooth functioning. Before lubricating, however, always clean the motor parts to ensure maximum efficiency.

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