Simple Tips To Get Your Two-Wheeler Loan Application Accepted In One Go

Have you been longing for that KTM bike ever since it launched? Or did the fired-up looks of Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 get your eyes? In any case, you can’t compromise buying your dream bike at the go just because of an intricate loan process that ends up taking days to be approved.

Since two-wheelers have become a basic necessity and the most convenient choice for Indian roads, Bajaj Auto Finance simplifies bike finance by providing you instant approval on a two-wheeler loan. Moreover, they help you purchase the bike of your preference on a monthly EMI basis accompanied by lesser interest rates.

Steps To Getting Your Loan Application Approved In One Go


The option to apply for a bike loan is just a click away without the worries or the hassles of a lengthy process, thanks to Bajaj Auto Finance. However, your task doesn’t end here. While you can’t be a part of the approval process, you can ensure your application is errorless and good to go.

Given below are the crucial steps you need to remember for instant two wheeler loan approval on your loan application:

1. Fill In Your Details Correctly


The simple procedure starts by filling up details like your name, mobile number, date of birth, etc. While it seems easy, a single error can delay your two-wheeler loan instant approval.

2. Check The Eligibility Criteria & Other Requirements


Before anything, visit your lender’s website or office and get your hands on the eligibility criteria. The general requirements by all the lenders in India include:

a. Age Limit

An applicant’s minimum age should be at least 18 years, and the maximum is 65 years at the onset of loan maturity.

b. Residence

Applicants should show residential stability by showcasing an address proof of living in the same house for over a year.

c. Job

If the applicant is self-employed, they should produce IT returns of 2 years or have a permanent position for over a year.

d. CIBIL score

An applicant should hold credit bureaus and also good CIBIL scores.

e. Documentation

Applicants must submit KYC documents such as valid ID proof, address proof, recently clicked passport size photographs, account statements, and permanent phone numbers.

3. Loan Approval


After filling in all the details, the eligibility calculator analyses if you are eligible for instant approval on a two-wheeler Loan. You will be guided to fill in your residence details, post which you are good to go for the next step of loan approval.

Since Bajaj Auto Finance has a lucid application process, the loan is approved within a few minutes, and the generated approval letter is mailed to you on your registered ID.

Some Tips For Instant Bike Loan Approval


a. You should focus on filling out the application form judiciously, keeping the documents handy while applying.

b. Maintain a minimum credit score of 750.

c. Choose a longer tenure for loan repayment for instant two-wheeler loan approval.

d. Opt for a joint loan with a co-applicant with a good credit score and add a source of income to ensure no delays while repaying.

e. Always use an EMI calculator to find the estimated monthly payments and the additional interest amount to prevent over-borrowing and get a two-wheeler loan instant approval.



If you wish to bring home your Bajaj KTM beasts or any range of Bajaj bikes, you can always rely on Bajaj Auto Finance, who commits to providing ultimate customer satisfaction with instant bike loan approval.

In case of difficulty in down-payment arrangements, Bajaj Auto Finance’s loan policies also cover upto 100 % of your bike value. Moreover the interest rates are low with minimal documentation and a 12 to 36 month repayment period.

Therefore, apply for a bike loan today and get it approved with the tips mentioned above!

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