8 Things to Remember Before Buying Bike (Avoid Big Mistakes)

Biking is like a sacred sport to the bike lovers and all those who need a dose of thrill in their lives. From racing games to travelling to distant lands on two-wheelers, there are many aspirations inherently associated with motorcycles.

But if you are a newbie and confused about how to choose the best motorcycle, then we have got your back. Buying a bike can be a significant investment, and also one of the most exciting decisions to make. This is why we will make sure that you know everything about buying bikes and avoid all the rookie mistakes.

Choosing 'the' Bike For You

  • For Daily Commuting: If your primary purpose is daily commute, go for a very basic bike that can handle the traffic, be comfortable with neutral riding positions, and have a range of powerful features.
  • For Casual Riding: You might want to look into the 'cruiser' category for getting a bike with a torque-rich engine, that has a comfortable low seat and makes every ride enjoyable. This should fit your overall stature and physical built.
  • The One Built for Speed: For all the speed bike lovers out there, expect a lightweight model to serve your purpose with a beasty design, and powered with a great engine. Make sure to take a test run and check your comfort level with the bike.
  • For Dirt and Pavement: With a dual-purpose bike, you no longer need to know where the road leads to. This bike is mostly the adventurous kind that can quickly adapt to all situations, from dirt to pavement. You can take out this one for a long road trip or a bonfire in the distant getaways.
  • For the Vintage Look: Most people just want to keep it simple and yet classy. They can go for the bikes with a vintage look, or an old bike with all its parts altered just as new. Make sure to match the bike with your own personality and buy yours right away!
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Important Things to Remember

  • Get a motorcycle license before getting started.
  • After buying your bike, don't forget to get it insured.
  • Understand how the power of bike works and get a clear idea of why the 1000cc version of a bike can be less powerful than 600cc Bajaj Bikes.
  • Make sure to buy your bike from an authorized dealer only so that you are legally and ethically secure.
  • Keep a room for maintenance costs in your budget. You may also need extra gear, so be ready for that.
  • Make a relaxed decision, and don't get too hard on yourself for choosing the ultimate bike.
  • Make sure to buy essential gear like helmets and gloves while getting the bike. Jacket, pants, boots, neck brace all add to your overall biker ensemble.

Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Getting the Wrong Size

Buying a motorcycle is not about getting the biggest one; instead, it is about the one that fits you properly. Remember that you will need to have more reach on a bumpy road, so only get a bike your hands are comfortable in handling.


As a significant investment, your purpose should not be taking a bike with every feature on Earth. You should go according to your requirements and stick to a budget. However, Bajaj Bikes can give you unique features at the price range of your estimated budget so that you do not have to compromise, ever.

Getting the Wrong Type of Bike

From the salesman to your friend, everyone will try to lure you into buying a different kind of bike but listen to yourself first. Shouldn't the bike be about what you look good with? So choose the one as per your need and desire, and get it to a long ride.

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Now that you know how to choose the best motorcycle, you are all set to bring your precious one home and take it out for a spin. Welcome to the biking brotherhood, where you will experience comfort with style and heavy-duty performance. And set out on your adventures with your own motorcycle.

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