10 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a New Bike

Buying a motorcycle is not a task you carry out every day. As easy as it seems, there are numerous points to keep in mind before you get a perfect set of wheels. Not every bike is designed for your needs and hence, purchasing it is something that asks for a lot of your attention and time.

While some people think that the only few things which are essential to read into are whether you need a bike loan or if your pocket can afford your long-cherished dream, buying a bike is so much more than that.

So, without wasting much time, let’s have a look at the ten most important things you must keep in mind while buying a new bike:

1. How Often Are You Planning to Ride Your Vehicle?

Always remember, all types of machinery require constant maintenance. Hence, if you are going to use the bike daily for a more extended period, go for the ones that don’t ask for frequent servicing. You will have to manage your fuel costs as well; therefore, spending more on maintenance is the wrong choice.

Check for bike loan eligibility in case you need one in the future.

2. Your Experience of Riding

The other thing is to recognise how experienced you are when it comes to riding a bike. Have you just finished learning how to ride it or are you someone able to handle high-power motorbikes professionally? For the former, it is advised to go for the ones with low powers while the latter can easily opt for sports bikes.

3. Fuel Efficiency or Power?

Another critical choice to make is whether you want a fuel-efficient bike or one that produces more power? You must realise that you cannot get both at the same time, and therefore must decide your priorities before-hand.

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4. Bike’s Design and Body

Depending upon your ease and comfort, motorbikes differ in their body designs and seating positions. For example, there are cruisers where feet are placed forward, and then there are sport bikes where feet are placed slightly behind your body.

5. First or Second Hand?

Unless you are low on budget or quite an inexperienced rider, you can quickly go for new and first-hand motorbikes. But if you are, either you can take a bike loan or buy a second-hand two-wheeler.

6. Scooters or Motorbikes?

The choice is simple. If you need a vehicle for carrying stuff around and for practical usage, you must opt for a scooter. On the other hand, you should go for a motorbike if you want more power, gears and a long-distance travelling vehicle.

7. Where Do You Want to Ride?

Out of the many essential questions you must ask yourself before finalising on a motorcycle is where you are going to ride it. Is it a place with rocky and irregular surfaces or a smooth road with lesser rugged paths?

The answer will determine the type of bike you need.

8. Comfortability According to Your Physique

When you go for demonstrations and test-rides, look out for any discomfort or inability to handle the bike because of your physique. See whether you are tall enough to rest a bike and strong enough to manage it.

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9. How to Pay?

It’s always considered better to pay the whole amount at one time than to pay in instalments. But if your pocket weighs a bit less, you can always check for bike loan eligibility and apply for it.

10. Ability to be Customised

The last thing you need is adding a part to your bike and ruining it forever. Consider your requirements to customise your bike per your needs and if the vehicle can handle it.


As stated before, buying a two-wheeler is not a task you complete within a snap of your fingers. You are required to think practically and economically and must be mature enough to draw a line between your urgent needs and desire for luxury.

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