5 Reasons Why People are Choosing Bikes Rather Than Cars

With cities getting more and more crowded each day, it is getting harder for car owners to take care of their vehicles. In general, the trend with most established metro cities is that once the traffic becomes too much to handle, the commuting public generally looks to mass transport to get from home to work and vice-versa.

The problem with most Indian cities, however, is that public transport here is very lacking when it comes to last-mile connectivity. This means that commuters can depend on buses to get them to where they want to be. However, they would still be forced to walk for 20-25 minutes before entering their offices.

This is why it is still important to own your mode of transport in Indian metro cities. However, there’s always this central question that each commuter has to ask themselves: car vs bike, is a bike better than a car?

Here are five reasons why we think bikes are better than cars:

1. Bikes Are Easier To Get Around In

All of you readers who can recall the last time they were stuck in a traffic jam can relate to this. Indian roads just aren’t up to standard. Due to the uncountable potholes and bumper-to-bumper traffic, commuting to work in a four-wheeler can be a very mentally and physically draining task. Bikes, on the other hand, are nimble and small. They can fit in tight spaces and make tight turns. All of these features make traveling on city roads much quicker.

2. Lesser and Lesser Parking Space

Ever tried to find parking on a busy road? It is a near-impossible task. Looking for parking in cities is like looking for a needle in a haystack, a foolish ritual. If a natural shortage of parking spaces isn’t enough, the spots that you do find usually are located on narrow lanes with tree branches overhead. If anything goes wrong, getting the dents removed from your vehicle is usually an arduous task.

3. Bikes Do Not Have To Pay Tolls

By not paying tolls, you can save yourself a sizable amount of money as well as eliminate the time wasted at toll booths. All of the seconds you save by eliminating multiple tool booths will add up, and your daily commute to work will be much more comfortable and stress-free. Not to mention, the toll savings will quickly add up!

4. Affordability

Bikes are hands down far more affordable than even cheap cars. You can check out our bike EMI calculator to see how affordable some bikes can be. Using a bike for your daily commute will be a great way to save some cash and invest in yourself. In addition to being more affordable, bicycles are also ‘cheaper’ to use. This is because a bike can offer up to 6 times as much mileage as a car. In case you are someone who does a lot of traveling daily, then owning a motorcycle will be much easier in your pocket.

5. Bikes Offer Riders More Freedom

Apart from getting an easy bike loan, you can take your bike out at any point in the day and head on a long cruise. Owning a motorcycle can mean that you don’t need to think twice about going on a ride alone. These machines offer their riders a sense of solitude and comfort. Since bikes are highly optimized vehicles, you very rarely have to worry about getting punctures or facing technical difficulties. As long as you take care of your bike and give it for regular maintenance, the vehicle will take care of you.

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