5 Modern Features You Should Have For a Performance Motorcycle

Motorcycling has changed its fashion and ways in India along with modernization and provides for an effective two-wheeler solution to the daily commute. Leisure biking is also an everyday activity, and performance bikes are available in plenty of options these days, unlike the old times. Now, the bikes are geared with fast and advanced technologies that operate to keep you safe while you enjoy a ride.

It is important to note that India's market is very price-conscious, so it is a challenge to accommodate high-end equipment in them. But if you know precisely the security features that you need, then you can get a great bargain in choosing a safe and fast motorcycle. Here are five modern features of bikes that you must look for in your new one:

1. Performance Tyres

When you like to ride at a blazing speed, your engine cranks out a lot of power. But you cannot get the best out of it if your bike tires are not firm enough to handle the horsepower. The different components of a bike tire, like rubber compound, its construction, and tread, put the motorcycle’s image together, and you must have it looking attractively high performance. Make it a point to take the performance tires that bring a physical appeal to your bike and also enhance your riding experience with every acceleration.

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2. Liquid Cooling

When your motorcycle engine is like a beast, it can also get heated up pretty quickly. The method of cooling is different in performance bikes than regular bikes with small capacity engines. Liquid cooling, along with oil cooling, is one of the most preferred ways of keeping your engine cool at all times. In this system, the heat radiated by the motor is absorbed by a liquid that keeps circulating around it. The water then goes to the radiator to cool down and then comes back to repeat the cycle. Since the engine oil can also lose its viscosity after the temperature reaches a particular point, it also follows the same process through an oil cooler. The method also ensures optimum lubrication of engines.

3. Automatic Headlights On

"Automatic Headlights On" or AHO in Bikes are supported by the Ministry of Road and Transportation, mainly for security purposes. This means that as long as the bike is on ignition mode, the headlight is supposed to be kept on. This step has been taken in an attempt to reduce road accidents that occur due to low visibility. All the performance bikes are coming with easy AHO in Bikes to manage its impact on the battery continually.

4. Aerodynamic Efficiency

A performance motorcycle must be lightweight enough to cut through the wind without much resistance. If the machine is aerodynamically efficient, the motor can work harder to overcome it’s mass and bodywork resistance against the approaching wind. The modern-day bikes are also ergonomically designed, such that any approaching wind is directed to those parts of the motorcycle that require cooling, like the engine. This is an important feature to keep your bike comfortable, especially under the sun in the urban areas.

5. Modern Disc Brakes with Dual-Channel ABS

While riding a performance bike, you need a high speed while riding as much as you need to stop it quickly. The brakes should be active and responsive enough that the motorcycle stops within a fraction of a second of deciding. To keep such a rapid movement active, the discs and pads should be very hard and built of high-quality material. The discs should also be well-ventilated to return positive feedback to the brake lever every time. The radially mounted callipers and petal-type discs help shave the unnecessary unsprung weight away, making the bike more agile and performative.

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Other than these modern features of bikes, there can be several components making your vehicle ready for the future. Check for the latest technology and methods, and enjoy unique and carefree rides every day while staying out of trouble.

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