5 Modern Features of Bikes to Know When Buying a New Bike

Nowadays, it’s not all about the amount of speed you can ride at or the mileage that matters. The addition of various new systems and peripherals into the new generation of bikes has paved the way for the users to customize their bikes in the exact way they want them to be.

Therefore, let us look at some of the features that you should look out for in new bikes.

1. Body Design

When it comes to the new bikes in the market, there are various new types of designs you could go with, unlike how it was back in the old days. Find bikes that match your personality and aesthetic. Select the attributes that influence the speed and dynamics of the vehicle as per your needs. Obtain chassis that are usually lightweight, accompanied by streamlined body designs. There are several bikes that range in design from sporty KTM to classic Davidson’s. Prices for all types of bikes can be easily found online by searching, for example, the KTM bikes price list, etc.

2. A Good Suspension System

Having a good suspension system is essential for driving in unbalanced terrains and poorly maintained roads. Depending on the speed and torque of your vehicle requirements, check out suspension systems for it that will augment your overall comfort of riding. Checking out ABS bikes in India would be a wise option. They usually have a well-coupled suspension system accompanying them. More about ABS systems are written below.

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3. All LED Lighting Systems

A good bike should have decent lighting across all formats of terrain and this is quite important when it comes to a country like India. An all-LED lighting system will ensure that you have constant even lighting across the entire driving view. This type of lighting system is also quite energy efficient while constantly keeping temperature increase at a minimum. Unlike the traditional bulb lamps, these LED lamps are light on the battery resulting in longer life. Furthermore, the reduced temperature intake keeps the damage to the structure of the vehicle and overheating to a minimum.

4. An ABS Braking System

Most of the bikes out there usually come in the two variants of the braking systems present in the market, the disc braking system and the ABS braking system. Having the latter can tremendously improve your chances of survival on the road.

The ABS braking system provides better traction on the road and reduced slippage. If the terrain happens to be damp or slippery, the ABS braking system will maintain good control over the vehicle for you to operate. It also concomitantly increases the resale value of your bike in the future. To shop for ABS-equipped bikes, just check out models by searching ABS bikes in India.

5. The Track Record of the Bike and the Company

This is a point that is left underrated by many people, understanding the nature of the vehicle and the company. Get to know about how the vehicle that you are about to be has held up in the hands of others, check out its reviews and its disadvantages and what are the possible maintenance issues that might come up in it frequently.

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Also, check out the numerous variants of the bikes and their prices by searching their websites, for example, KTM bikes price list, Royal Enfield bikes price list, etc. Researching more about these bikes will give you a faint idea of what types of variants of the same models are out there. It will allow you to understand which bike best suits your needs and whether or not you can afford them.

The latest bikes are revolutionising the world of two-wheelers. If you are planning to invest in a state-of-the-art bike, keep these features in mind and make an informed choice.

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