Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Three Wheeler in Good Condition

As more and more automobile companies are making quality three-wheelers, you can expect to see more trucks, tempos, and auto-rickshaws on the road than before.. After all, the demand for three-wheelers is high because they are a great economical mode of transport for both passengers and goods. Additionally, it has low maintenance costs and low investment, which makes it a highly cost-effective and an economy medium.

But in order to get all the benefits that these vehicles offer, you need to maintain the three-wheelers properly. The maintenance tips for three-wheelers are different from the two-wheelers, though both will last longer if properly maintained. With that said, here are the most important tips to maintain your three-wheelers.

1. Get the engine oil inspected regularly


In three-wheels, the entire function of the engine depends chiefly on the engine oil. So, if you do not want the vehicle to break down even before you pay off the Three wheeler loan, keep the oil at the recommended levels.

Furthermore, do not start using cheap oil to save money because that will degrade the engine. Thus, you will be spending more money in the long run as maintenance costs. Usually, 2T oil is the best fit for auto rickshaws. It will give an easy start, helps in keeping the vehicle with low maintenance, and clean up the engine. It even reduces fouling of spark plugs, rusting, and deposit formation.

But remember that there is a particular ratio of fuel and oil to maintain. So, add just the right quantity of oil at all times.

2. Do not drive at the top speed


One of the most overlooked maintenance tips for three-wheeler is about maintaining the speed limit. The engine of your vehicle needs some warming up before it reaches a higher speed limit. Therefore, a good practice is to keep the speed at around 35 to 40 km/h. Your vehicle will last longer if you make sure to maintain a lower speed whenever you take it out.

3. Pay attention to the tyre pressure


Not having enough air pressure in those tyres can lead to major troubles at the time of driving. Thus, for a smooth ride and better performance, you need to have the right amount of pressure in the tires. Keep an eye out on those tyres on a regular basis to ensure that they have enough pressure to help you get going.

4. Run a periodic check on the braking system


Want to keep that vehicle running strong long after you pay off your three-wheeler loan? Keep a check on those brakes. The brakes are one of the most crucial systems in any three-wheeler. There are times when dust gets in the brakes and prevents its regular functioning. Therefore, ensure that there is enough braking fluid in the vehicle to prevent a bumpy start.

Other maintenance tips to remember

  • Check the windshield wiper blade for windshield smearing, tears, and cracks
  • Check weekly tire inflation to prevent fuel wastage and uneven wear
  • Inspect battery cables for corrosion and get them cleaned if required
  • Inspect every vehicle light – brake lights, headlights, turn signals, license plate lights, marker lights, and parking lights.

The endnote


Remember all the tips mentioned above in mind to keep your three-wheeler in top condition. Maintaining your vehicle makes it a safer and dependable ride that has lesser chances of breaking down and greater prospects of fetching a high value while selling. Also, a well-maintained three-wheeler is an environment-friendly vehicle. So, take care of your vehicle and it will take good care of you!

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