5 Tips to Maintain & Extend Battery Life of your Bike

Battery management and maintenance is an essential step in getting the most out of your bike. A good battery will last for almost the entire lifetime of the bike and can go a long way in helping you have a pleasant experience with your automobile.

Before you get out there and take a loan to grab the motorbike you’ve been eyeing, it is essential to know how to maintain it. Here are five motorcycle battery maintenance tips that will extend the life of your battery:

1. Ensure the Terminals are Clean:

  • The electrolyte in your battery can leak out and can dirty the terminals of your battery. This dirt can corrode the metal surface of your terminal and can cause sparking issues due to poor contact.
  • The corrosive electrolyte can create a layer of rust which will decrease the overall conductivity of the battery. When this happens, the power supplied by your battery to the starter motor might not be sufficient, and this will result in your bike not starting
  • Clean terminals ensure that you won’t have to take out a new bike loan to replace your old bike.

2. Ensure that the Terminals are Tightly Fastened:

  • In case there is loose contact between the terminals of your battery, then there is a chance for sparking to happen.
  • Sparking is very bad for battery longevity because it results in a very high current draw from the battery in a short interval of time. Hence to reduce any chances of sparking, grab a wrench or a spanner and tighten the terminal nuts of your battery.
  • To keep any external impurities from causing rust, make sure to grease your battery terminals after every service.
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3. Check the Battery Fuse Regularly:

  • A battery fuse is a simple and inexpensive component that can help save your battery from undergoing any severe and permanent damage.
  • Make sure to get your battery fuse checked regularly at every service, and you don’t skimp on fuses. We suggest that you develop a habit of replacing old fuses even if they are still in a working condition.
  • The cost of a new fuse is minimal when compared to the price of a new battery or worse, a new bike loan to replace your damaged bike.

4. Top up your Battery Regularly:

  • Make sure to check the water level once every two weeks.
  • If you are not sure how much water needs to be filled, look at the side of your battery for markers that tell you where the minimum and maximum points are.
  • When filling water in your battery, take care and use only distilled water. Using tap water or water with any kinds of impurities can be very bad for your battery and will cause permanent and irreversible damage to the electrolyte.
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5. Check your Battery often for Leaks:

  • It is the most critical and straightforward motorcycle battery maintenance tip.
  • Due to mechanical damage or improper installation, there is a chance that the battery can begin to leak.
  • The leak can be in the form of electrolyte leaking out of the battery or even distilled water coming out of the terminals.
  • Any kind of leakage is not typical, and in the long run, can damage your bike battery.
  • Make sure that you get your battery serviced the second you notice any leakage.


Apart from all the suggestions, we recommend that as a good rule of thumb, make sure that you keep your bike in a sheltered place away from any natural influence. Wind, rain, and even sunshine can cause damage to your bike, be it by rust or by ruining the paint. Keeping traps for rodents in your garage will stop them from eating away at any of the electrical wirings. If you follow all the recommendations made, you will get a long life out of your bike battery.

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