KTM RC 200 vs KTM 250 Duke : Comparison of Duke 250 and RC 200

The Duke 250, which falls between the Duke 200 and the Duke 390, is a pure sports bike loved by many riders around the world. The RC 200 is a multi-purpose vehicle which has found a special place in the hearts of the more conservative riders. The KTM Duke 250 is predominantly a street unit that can also be used both for track days and tours. It has got a decent seat which is in an upright position. Plus, it has a vast 13.5-litre fuel tank that is extremely useful for touring.

The KTM RC 200 is more focused on daily biking. This is the right choice if you want to start learning how to ride on the lane. Compared with Duke 250, the RC 200 has a smaller fuel tank. While many people go for long rides on these bikes, the Duke 250 is then RC 200 for going on tours.

KTM 250 Duke


The engine of KTM 250 Duke is believed to perform better than other 200cc KTM bikes. The additional bump near the seat in the bike brings more strength and torque. The seat is, therefore, much more comfortable. The ergonomics for city biking is admirably adapted. The mileage is also good.

The RC, though, provides a different experience, is more focused on sports riding and has some of the best ways on the road. If you wish to ride Duke 250 close to home, the decision may be correct as it is very suitable for daily use.

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KTM RC 200

KTM RC 200

The RC200 will be the one to go with if you want some adventure and want to take the bike to racetracks. Duke250 is an excellent choice for regular trips and longer distances. The RC's riding position and gearing are perfect for racetracks, but for street riding and longer reaches are not recommended.

Many purchasers like the KTM RC 200 and put it to use mostly for sporting purposes. It is rough, strong, and highly recommended for racing, etc. Bajaj offer the two-wheeler loan for KTM RC 200 @6%.

Comparison of KTM 250 Duke and KTM RC 200

The Duke250 is an excellent alternative for street biking. With its Supermoto type style, it also has the versatility to be brought to racetracks. For the money that you pay for it, it gives a decent power/weight ratio.

It can even be potentially beneficial to consider the RC 200. It has the potential to deliver exciting rides with a lot of elegance and efficiency, even with lower power and torque.

Both bikes are fitted with a standard amount of hardware, or we may claim that they both share similar hardware. On both motorcycles, suspension duty is managed by the front telescopic suspension and the rear adjustable mono-shock suspension. The braking on both bikes are the same. Both Duke 250 vs RC 200 are decent investments, better than each other in different aspects.


The KTM RC 200 price is approximately 2,00,435, and the KTM 250 Duke price is around 2,08,896. The KTM RC 200 comes in 2 colours and 1 version, while the KTM 250 Duke comes in 2 colours and one variant.

So, if you want to purchase a bike that can be used for sporting purposes, the Duke 250 can be a potential option. If you want a sturdy bike for everyday use and racing or other such thrilling activities, the RC 200 can be a potential option. Though these bikes do not have MRF tyres or ABS or slipper clutch, they are best in their own way.

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