KTM Duke 125 vs KTM RC 125 Comparison, Know Which is Better

Strength, high performance, and pace are some of the key considerations for every bike enthusiast. Many bike variants today come with very sturdy features.

KTM bikes offer some of the best choices in the two-wheeler segment thanks to the partnership between the Austrian brand KTM and the leading Indian bike manufacturer Bajaj. Here we will compare two popular KTM bikes — KTM Duke 125 and KTM RC 125. The key considerations for both bikes are given below:

KTM Duke 125 and KTM RC 125 - Key Features

KTM has finally launched the 125cc twins in India — Duke 125 (which came first) and RC125 (which came first) after manufacturing the 125 in India for a long time (and exporting them to different countries).

Both motorcycles provide a lower entry point into the KTM fold for customers. KTM Duke 125 comes in orange and white colour variant whereas, KTM RC 125 comes with a combination of colours, i.e., orange and white and Dark Galvano.

They both offer some extremely luxurious features not seen before in the 125cc market, albeit lower in engine size, such as 43mm upside-down WP suspension, liquid cooling, DOHC engine, and a six-speed gearbox.

Both generate 14.5 PS of peak power and 12 Nm of max torque at the same RPMs from the same 125cc engine (9250 and 8000, respectively).

Specifications KTM Duke 125 KTM RC 125
Colour Orange and White Orange and White and Dark Galvano
Price 1.42 lakhs 1.59 lakhs
Maximum Power 14.5 PS 14.5 PS
Maximum Torque 12 Nm @ 9250 rpm 12 Nm @ 8000 rpm
Seat Height 818 mm 835 mm
Wheelbase 1357 mm 1341 mm
Kerb/Dry Weight 148 kg 154.2 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity (Approx.)11 Litres 9.5 Litres

Duke 125 vs RC 125

They share the same platform, but a few specs vary. The KTM Duke 125 itself was higher at 818 mm, but you would be sitting much higher on the RC (835 mm). Duke has a wheelbase of 1357 mm, while at 1341 mm, the RC is shorter. Duke's fuel tank can carry (Approx.)11 L of fuel, while the RC has a capacity of just 9.5 litres.

Duke weighs 148 kg, but the RC with all that flab tips the scale at 154.2 kg. Apart from this, they vary in size, and the seating posture of RC is a lot more committed, while Duke may have a broader application because of a relatively upright posture. Duke comes with a regular rod type handlebar, and RC has a triple clamp clip-on.

Price Comparision - Duke 125 vs RC 125

KTM bike price has risen from Rs 1.18 lakhs* to Rs 1.42 lakhs* after a couple of hikes. RC125 costs Rs 1.59 lakhs*, meaning you would need to spend around Rs 17,000 more to get the extra sportiness on the ex-showroom tag when compared to KTM duke all model prices.

By offering a healthy learner's tool that could double up as a worthy city bike, the 125 Duke did a fantastic job of introducing more enthusiasts to the KTM brand.


Duke 125 has been a good seller among the KTM bikes, and KTM will also hope the same for the RC 125. Both motorcycles target young people and are perfect for college students who dream of owning a trend bike with a sporty look. Now that you know what features you want to find and what to expect from it, it will be easy to pick a bike based on your needs.

Only bear in mind to do detailed research in advance, so you are aware of important factors such as budget, engine life, emission standards, etc. When you cannot finance the purchase, calculate the bike EMI, and get a Bajaj Auto Finance hassle-free loan. KTM Duke all model price in India starts at Rs 1.42 Lakh* for KTM 125 Duke*, which is the cheapest model.

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