KTM 200 Duke vs KTM 250 Duke - Compare Price & Specs

The expectation from the house of KTM-Bajaj has always been high. Keeping in line with their quality and design, there are two of its models competing to be the best. You have the impressive Duke 250 and the iconic Duke 200 to add to the fantastic line of products on offer from Bajaj-KTM. With improved engines to the upgraded emission compliance, these models prove as rough rivals to each other.

So how will you know who is better and worth your hard-earned money? Here are the factors that'll help you to decide.

Details KTM 200 Duke KTM 250 Duke
Price Below Rs. 2 Lakhs Below Rs. 2.5 Lakhs
Engine Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, DOHC Engine 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC Engine
CC ( Capacity of the combustion cylinder) 199.5cc 248.8cc
Brakes( Front and Back) Disc Brakes Disc Brakes
Max Power 25 bhp @ 10000 rpm 30 bhp @ 9000 rpm
Stroke 49mm 61.1 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 10.2 Litres 13.4 Litres
Kerb Weight 148kg 169kgs
Seating height 818mm 823mm
Emission BS-IV BS-VI
Clutch Wet Multi-Disc Clutch, Mechanically Actuated 7 Plate, PASC Anti Hopping Clutch, Mechanically Operated
Tail Light LED Light LED Tail Lamp
Compression Ratio 11:3:1 12:5:1


Style becomes a very crucial factor. For the price it is offered (even on EMIs) with the help of a bike EMI calculator, it makes it a good option for purchase. The modern Duke 250 is revamped with a new layout featuring a different tank, additions, and improved headlight, and a substantial tail-light. There are not any modifications made for the Duke 200 except for the tank, which had upgraded graphic designs on it.

This newer version of the Duke 250 doesn't feature the bright orange highlighted wheels. The great appearance of Duke 200 somehow dwarfs the short and chunky look of the Duke 250. As long we're on the topic of the looks of the bikes, the charming Duke 200 is more stylish than its predecessors.

Designing Features

The speedometer and the switchboards are almost the same on both bikes. The elevated height of the seat on the Duke 250 gives it better ground clearance in comparison to the Duke 200 with it's 818 mm seating height. The level of comfort on the Duke 250 is better than the Duke 200 as it is longer and offers a more extensive riding space.

The Duke 250 features more advanced back set pegs, and as they are placed in a lower position, it gives more legroom to the rider. The riders who are tall will not find it uncomfortable for their journeys when comparing the KTM 200 vs KTM 250.

Engine Performance

Performance has never been an issue for either of the two bikes. The speed of 60 and 100 km/hr is very easily accessible. The Duke 250 has a more significant advantage when it comes to reaching its top speed and does not struggle against rev limiters like its rival. Both bikes end up being satisfactory when it comes to lower and mid-range torque.

Nevertheless, the Duke 200 provides a more robust and lighter feel due to the lesser ratios in comparison to the Duke 250. The powerful scenes delivered by the Duke 250 is awe-inspiring and can be considered superior over its competitor. The credit goes to the state-of-the-art fueling apparatus.

Riding Experience

There are dynamic similarities for both bikes when it comes to the hardware. But on taking a closer look, the Duke 250 has adjustable suspension on either ends whereas the Duke 200 only has it on its back end. Both feature MRF premium tires which are better than its predecessors.

When it comes to brakes, the Duke 200 turns out to be the better performer with its initial bite despite its 300mm disc braking system. The lever pull system is imposing and more splendid on the ktm duke 250 vs 200. Nonetheless, a similar setup on the riding design of the Duke 250 was above expectations, but the feedback wasn't sufficient enough.

Coming from the reputed house of KTM-Bajaj, both the bikes are examples of sheer perfection. If you are looking out for better brakes or the classic KTM charm, the Duke 200 can be an ideal choice. But, if you seek speed and comfort, Duke 250 might be the best pick.

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