How to Improve Your Bike Performance in 7 Easy Steps?

Modifying your motorcycle can be one of the most exciting things you could do after purchasing the bike of your dreams. You can adjust your bike as per the speed required or the aesthetics.

If you’re thinking of buying a bike, you’d be happy to know that getting a two-wheeler loan from the best lenders like Bajaj Auto Finance is pretty straightforward. And if you already own a motorcycle, you might want to boost your bike's performance.

You can increase your bike's power in many ways. In this post, we will help you know why you should improve your bike's performance and how you should improve your bike's performance.

Reasons To Improve Bike Performance

  1. The main reason behind modifying your bike can be your love for speed. You might want to increase your motorcycle's power when racing above 120mph and if you do professional racing, then boosting your bike's power adds an advantage on your track.
  2. You might love off-roading. Riding through the muddy, water-filled roads is a dream of most of the riders. So, if your bike has to sustain through all these trails, then it needs power.

7 Steps To Improve Bike Performance

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1. Modify Ignition

Ignition generates spark energy required to ignite the mixture of fuel in the engine's cylinder. The ignition system's main parts consist of coil driver, ignition coil, spark plug wires, distributor, and spark plugs. Changing your igniters is a good option if the control angle of your igniters is too small.

  1. Switching your Exhaust

    Improving your exhaust system enhances your bike's performance, sound, and appearance. It also reduces the weight of your bike, as a result, increases some horsepower. Titanium, carbon-fibre and many more lightweight materials are used to make aftermarket exhausts. However, it is very much necessary to ensure that the exhaust system is suitable for your bike.
  2. Increase the Intake of Air

    This is one of the most economical and maybe the easiest method. You can use a mushroom head to increase the air's input by about 50%. A mushroom head is capable of generating turbulence and reducing airflow. An aftermarket mushroom can provide an optimal balance of air filtration and increases the airflow for maximum performance.
  3. Tune the Carburettor

    This is considered one of the best ways to improve your bike's performance without making such modifications. You can ride your bike for about 15 minutes. Adjust your fuel-air ratio using fuel/air screws also you can also use a screw used to set the idle speed of your bike.

    There are several settings, like adjusting the engine rpm, and adjusting the fuel screw. You can try several settings until you reach the right one for your bike. And as soon as you make some setting, you will be able to observe a considerable change in your bike's performance.

  4. Have your Bike Regularly Checked

    Make sure that you get your bike checked regularly by a professional. If necessary, replace the worn-out parts of your bike and repair the damaged parts.
  5. Remove Excessive/Unwanted Weight

    Removing unwanted body panels will help to reduce the weight of the vehicle by a good margin. Lowering the weight will in-turn increase power to weight ratio.
  6. Change Gearing Ratio

    By changing countershaft (front) sprocket or by changing Rear sprocket, gearing ratio can be changed to increase low-end torque or top speed of the vehicle.
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Note- Any type of aftermarket modification in the vehicle can void manufacturer warranty. Consult your nearby Authorized service center before implementing any modification.

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You might want the maximum performance from your bike and to do so, you need a bike with powerful specs and suitable modifications. If you’re thinking of getting a two-wheeler loan, apply online since it is an excellent option for you to get the bike of your dreams.

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