How to Get Finance on Bajaj Pulsar 180? Know Down Payment and EMI

Two-wheelers are becoming an attractive option for people who want to avoid heavy traffic. Especially when the distance of travel is short, being stuck in traffic can be very frustrating. Taking out the car to pick up groceries or meet a friend across town can sometimes feel like a task that calls for a lot of time and effort. Owning a two-wheeler certainly reduces commute time and helps reduce the effort required to carry out everyday travel.

With a wide range of two-wheelers available in the market, it is sometimes hard to make a decision. But, the Bajaj Pulsar has been many people’s first choice. Due to its reliable history and wide customer base, Pulsar has made its name in the market and has been one of the top-selling two-wheelers since its release. Pulsar 180 is a high-end bike with best-in-class specifications. It is specially engineered to help riders navigate through the Indian roads with the utmost ease.

Specifications of Pulsar 180

Having a 180cc engine and a 4 stroke, 2 valve system, Pulsar 180 ensures a promising performance. The telescopic, anti-friction bush suspension and front and rear disc brakes are specifically designed to give you the best on-road experience. The bike’s 15Ltr. tank also adds to its benefits and gives riders the freedom to worry less about having to refuel.

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Financing Options of Pulsar 180

If you are deciding whether or not you can manage to buy this bike without making a hole in your pocket, there are a lot of Pulsar 180 finance options available in the market. Bajaj is one such company that can help you fund your bike. With low-interest rates, quick-loan processing and 5-minute approval, Bajaj Auto Finance 2 Wheeler Loan is the best of its kind.


Before applying for any kind of financial aid, you must be eligible by the guidelines of the financial institution. Here are the criteria that Bajaj Auto Finance uses to check whether the applicants are eligible for a loan:

* Individuals must be between 21 and 65 years of age throughout the loan tenure.
* There must be proof of residence in the current city for at least one year.
* Applicant must have a working landline connection.
* Applicant must also be employed for at least one year before applying for the loan.


5 Deciding Factors For Your Two Wheeler Loan Eligibility

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Salient Features of Bike Loan:

Here are some of the salient features of availing this loan:

Loan Calculator: Bajaj Auto Finance Two Wheeler Loan Calculator helps users easily calculate Pulsar 180 EMI based on various details. This is a great option to avoid the ambiguity of information and gives buyers a clear idea of how much they would have to pay.
Pre-Approved Offers: If you have a healthy credit score or are an existing Bajaj Auto Finance customer, there are various pre-approved options that you can avail. Through this, you will not have to take the effort to seek approval for the loan and can apply directly.

Loan Processing: Generally, loan sanctioning is not an easy process. It often takes several months for a user to receive information about a loan that he has applied for. But, with Bajaj Auto Finance loans, most customers receive a welcome call in about 10 days from the date of application. They are given all the necessary details like Pulsar 180 down payment amount, EMI, due repayment rates etc.

Foreclosure: Opting for this type of loan gives you the benefit of minimum foreclosure charges. Most companies levy a very heavy fee if their patrons choose to close their loan before the due date.

Call Helpline: Bajaj Auto Finance is also renowned for the best after-sales service. Having over 1,400 branches and 20,000 employees spread all across the nation, you can be sure to have the best multilingual service to help you handle your loans and get clarity on any necessary details in the language of your preference.

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Bajaj Auto Finance Two Wheeler Loan is one of the most reliable and convenient ways to finance your Pulsar 180. With a 5-minute approval process on their website, you can be sure of procuring a loan and the privilege of calling a brand-new bike your own!

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