How To Check Mileage of a Bike (7 Tips to Maintain Mileage)

Running bikes can be an expensive affair. Well provided the soaring fuel prices, it becomes a burden to run a bike that offers close to no mileage whatsoever. Thus, if you are wondering how you might want to check or maintain the mileage of your bike, then we have few tips and tricks that are enlisted below that can give you the complete overview of the topic at hand. Let’s take a look.

How to Check Bike Mileage?


Checking the mileage of a bike is quite simple. It would help you to determine the mileage of a motorcycle for one litre of petrol. All of the steps are enlisted below.

  1. Try to ride the bike as much as possible. Such that the entire fuel tank is empty and there is no fuel in the reserve tank as well.
  2. Fill in one litre of fuel.
  3. Note down the distance travelled by the bike from the odometer.
  4. Use the bike usually till the bike runs out of petrol.
  5. Note down the distance travelled.
  6. Subtract the first reading from the final reading from the odometer, and you have the mileage of the bike for one litre of petrol.

Thus, now that you have learnt how you can check the mileage for your bike let's take a closer look at the maintenance of the mileage. Let’s get started.

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How To Maintain a Good Mileage In Bike?


1. Servicing at Regular Intervals of Time

You must get your bike serviced after a few thousand miles. Based on the type, power and usage of the bike, it's necessary that services of the motorcycle at an authorised service centre can improve the mileage of the bike.

2. Check Tire Pressure

Ensure that you check the tires of the bikes as a flat tire might use up more fuel than usual. Ensure that the factory standards are maintained on the bikes to achieve a more exceptional mileage of the bikes.

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3. Carburettor Settings

Tuning the bike to perform adequately goes a long way. Often the carburettor settings are to be tweaked which helps in restoring the performance of the engine. Hence it helps in maintaining the mileage or increasing it as well.

4. Good Fuel Quality

Often, few of the best mileage bikes utilise the best fuel that is available. Though it might be expensive, getting from one place to another while increasing the mileage of the bike goes a long way indeed. Try not to use leaded fuel as much as possible. Choose the premium variants that are offered by petroleum companies.

5. Avoid Revving and Rash Riding

Sudden braking, revving the engine, excessive speeds, etc. are signs of outing the engine under unreasonable load and can reduce the mileage by many folds. Also, in doing so, the engine might misfire and cause severe damage to the bike.

6. Use the Kill Switch Promptly

Standing at a signal and keeping your engine running? Then it’s better to use the kill switch to switch off the engine such that your engine health is better and you save a considerable amount of fuel indeed.

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7. Avoid Parking in Sunlight

Avoid parking your vehicle under direct sunlight as it can cause evaporation of fuel from the fuel tank and reduce the overall intake of fuel in the engine. Ensure that you park the vehicle in a garage or under a shade.

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Thus, the above-given tips and tricks can help maintain the mileage of the bike to an optimum level. While bikes keep changing constantly, several bikes are expensive while some might be cheap. Hence there is a bike loan calculator on our website that you can utilise if you ever want to take a loan and purchase a bike.

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