10 Factors to Consider Before Buying a New Bike

While purchasing a new bike, many factors must be taken into consideration. That is because different bikes have different specifications and are purchased for numerous purposes. Which bike suits you depends on what your needs are.

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Some critical key factors that you must keep in mind before buying a new bike are as follows -

1. Experience of the Biker

Some individuals have a lot of experience in bikes and are aware of the specifications of each bike. However, there exists a group of people who do not have the needed knowledge and skill. On account of this, they are not able to use the bike and its features to their maximum potential. They find it challenging to handle the power or weight of the bike and are not able to enjoy the ride as much as they should. Only after a person has honed their skills and driven a slow bike can they truly appreciate a faster bike.

2. Fuel Efficiency

It is one of the most significant factors. Multiple aspects influence the fuel efficiency of the bike, such as the gear changes, weight, aerodynamics, etc.

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3. Finding the Right Size

Bikes come in different shapes and sizes. If you choose a size that is not as per your body, you will feel uncomfortable while riding the bike. Not only that, but it is also unsafe to ride a bike that does not match your size because it becomes hard to maintain your balance and might cause injuries to your body. You need to select something that feels right to you.

4. Where you want to Drive

It is essential to consider where you are going to drive the bike that you purchase. There are some bikes suited for specific terrains or regions. If you want a bike for the city, you must choose something lightweight and easy to drive.

5. Price Considerations

The monetary aspect of any bike you purchase is very significant. Today, you can get a bike loan at attractive interest rates which becomes easy and convenient for you. Moreover, the bike loan EMI calculator can help you calculate your monthly EMI for your bike loan if you have taken one.

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6. Maintenance Costs

When you purchase a bike, you must take into account the added expenses of the motorcycle that you have to incur. The routine maintenance costs are a factor you need to take into consideration.

7. Reviews

Checking the reviews of people who have purchased this bike gives you a clear idea of whether it is worth the price and if it would suit you or not. These reviews can inform you about the mileage, quality of the ride and many other practical aspects.

8. Bike’s Body Type

As mentioned before, there are several types of bikes with different body types that can cater to your needs, such as cruisers, sports bikes, dirt bikes, street bikes, tourer, etc. The seating position in each of them is different. Therefore, it becomes crucial that you identify which one is comfortable for riding. You must not decide the purchase based on aesthetic appeal because it can prove to be a painful ride later on.

9. Service Centre

You must do your research before deciding on one bike. The availability of an authorized service centre near you is one important feature. If this is not done, you might have to take your bike to long distances for getting it repaired. This would prove to be very inconvenient and tiresome.

10. Spare Parts Availability

One of the essential aspects that one must take into consideration is the easy availability of spare parts of the bike. That is because if the spare parts are not available, then there may be a considerable delay in the preparation of your motorcycle.

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