Everything That You Should About Electric Two Wheeler Industry in India

Indians are passionate about bikes. These vehicles are easy to travel, convenient and highly cost-effective. What is more is that they are flexible, come in handy and prove to be far more maintainable than a four-wheeler. That is why more people are now shifting towards these vehicles today. Amidst all types of two-wheelers, electric bikes are gaining fame like no other.

Whether you want exceptional mileage, easy affordability or anything, electrical two-wheelers are here to give you all that. If you plan to buy an electric bike for yourself, you need to have comprehensive information about the same. That is why in this article we will discuss that in detail and help you find out all about electric two-wheeler and their industry in India.

1.Go Green


A bike with IC engine produces 16-21 grams of CO2 per kilometer. As per CSE (Centre for Science and Environment), bikes emit nearly 32% of air pollutants. Also, the legal sound limit for exhaust sound in India is 80 dB. Bikes producing higher dB sounds also causes Noise pollution.

By opting for Electric vehicle, one can eliminate above 2 causes of pollution and contribute in Go-Green Environment.

2.Higher Torque available from Stand-Still


In most of the EVs, motor is directly connected with wheel hub. So, the power goes straight to the wheels for instant acceleration. In addition, the peak torque is available from Stand-still which makes the EVs quicker in traffic and overtaking on highways. Therefore, you do not have to rev-hard to get peak torque.

3.Fast and Flexible


Traffic in India is one of the worst problems. It leaves anyone bugged in no time and reduces their productivity levels for the day. But thankfully, electrical two-wheelers are here to rescue you from that. With this electrical technology in the bikes, you get the opportunity to travel distances without wasting any time. Now, you need not waste long hours in traffic, waiting to drive off to your location instantly. You can do this without waiting around at all. That is why more Indians are now turning to Bajaj Chetak Electric for all the right reasons. You could do that too.

4.Level Up Your Fitness


Being fit is always important. It helps you to stay active and improve your lifespan. It also inches you closer to a healthy living. Recent sources suggest that electric bikes are as good as regular bikes when it comes to maintaining fitness. So, you need not think twice before buying a potential e-bike like Bajaj Chetak Electric. It is bound to work like magic for your health. By travelling on this bike regularly, you could keep your fitness going and improve your health over time. What is more is that the comfort and convenience of riding it will also help you maintain good health mentally. So, why not?

5.Cut Back Expenses


The price of petrol surpasses with each passing day, and it is becoming difficult to cope with it. As such, people are consistently experiencing financial crunch. Purchasing an e-bike like Bajaj Chetak Electric only decreases their problem. It comes in handy for them as this two-wheeler bike runs on electricity and requires no petrol. As such, it helps you save up on your fuel expenses to a drastic extent. These bikes also provide affordable batteries that could last for several hours without any hindrance. So, it can last from 15 to 18 miles without any inconvenience at all. That is why we recommend you try it out and see the difference for yourself.

6.Future Of Transportation


The two-wheeler industry is consistently growing. But what is even more popular today is their discovery of electric vehicles. These vehicles are being used today in movies and advertisements too so that people can get acquainted with all the fun they have to offer. Their exceptional style and standout quality make people fall for them even more with each passing day. So, if you plan to buy Bajaj Chetak Electric, this might be a good time for you to do that. We promise; it will not disappoint you.

The Final Call


The electric two-wheeler industry in India is bound to flourish in the coming years. With that, we highly recommend you to try out the new Bajaj Chetak Electric that provides supreme efficiency and mileage. We promise; you will not regret it.

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