Driving Licence - Types, Eligibility, Documents and How To Apply

How Many Types of Driving Licence are in India?


Driving can be a matter of thrill for some, while for others, it could be a necessity to commute. It is a comfortable and convenient way to independently travel from one place to another. Without a driving licence, however, the thrill of driving cannot be experienced. Having a driving licence is mandatory for anyone who wants to drive in India. According to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, an individual must be in possession of a driving licence in order to be able to drive or ride across the country. Without a valid driving licence, you cannot drive or ride in the country.

Have you ever wondered how many types of driving licence in India, you can opt for? Here’s some information on the types of driving licence.

What are Driving Licence Categories in India?

1. Personal Use Licence Classes

Depending on whether you want a driving licence for personal or commercial use, you can get a licence from various classes. Details about personal use licence class are as below:

Licence Class Vehicle Type
MC 50CC (Motorcycle 50cc) 50 cc or less
MCWOG/FVG Any engine capacity, but without gears
LMV-NT Light motorcycles that are used for non-transport purposes
MC EX50CC Motorcycles with gear, Motorcycles with a capacity of 50CC or more, Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs) including cars
MC With Gear or M/CYCL.WG All motorcycles even with gear

2. Commercial Use Licence Classes

Within the commercial use category, you can get a licence for heavy motor vehicles or light motor vehicles like taxis and delivery vans depending on your requirements. Heavy trailers require a commercial licence within the trailer category. In all, there are nearly 11 separate categories of licences available to choose from in India. Details about commercial use licence class are as below:

Licence Class Vehicle Type
MGV For medium goods vehicle
LMV Light motor vehicles such as motorcars, jeeps, taxis, delivery vans
HMV Heavy motor vehicles
HGMV Heavy goods motor vehicle
HPMV/HTV Heavy passenger motor vehicle/Heavy transport vehicle
Trailer Person having heavy vehicle driving licence can apply for heavy trailer license
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Eligibility For Driving Licence in India

Vehicle Type Eligibility Criteria
Motorcycles with Gear One need to be minimum 18 years old and He/she should be aware of traffic rules and regulations. A valid age proof and address proof is also required.
Motorcycles without Gear One should be at least 16 years old and should have the consent of his guardian or parents. He/she must be aware of traffic rules and regulations. A valid age proof and address document is also required.
Heavy Commercial Vehicles One should have cleared the 8th standard and should be above the age of 18 but in some states, the minimum age for this vehicle type is 20 years. The applicant should be trained from any government training school or one that is affiliated with the state government.

Documents Required For Driving Licence in India

Address Proof Age Proof Other Documents
LIC policy bond SSC certificate 3 passport size photographs while applying for a learner's license
Permanent address proof PAN card 3 passport size photographs while applying for a permanent driving licence
Aadhar Card Passport For applicants above 40 years, a medical certificate is required
Voters ID card School transfer certificate Duly filled application form
Ration card Birth certificate Application fees
Electricity bill - -
House agreement - -
Passport - -
Temporary address proof - -

How to Apply for Driving Licence in India?


There are both online and offline options for the application of driving licence in India. For offline option, you can visit the RTO office and get the application form as a first step. For new learners, it is mandatory to get Form 1 as a learner licence and Form 4 for Permanent Licence. These forms can be downloaded from the official website of the state transport office.

The form has to be duly filled and submitted along with the age and address proof documents. The list of documents that are required can be seen as mentioned on the forms. A time slot is then allotted for driving test and you need to clear the test in order to get the driving licence. The licence is usually sent to your registered address on successful completion of the test. Driving schools generally tend to help out with the required procedure in procuring a driving licence.

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