BHP vs. Torque - Difference Between Torque and BHP in Bikes

Often, there are several parameters through which every automobile can be compared with one another. But when you get to the mechanical working of automobiles, then it's BHP or Torque. Even in bikes, the same terminologies are used often to determine which one might be faster theoretically.

Thus, while the terminology might be familiar with many, the meaning of the same wouldn’t be acknowledged by several, they are not identical but are very different from one another. Thus, we have enlisted the difference below between BHP and Torque. Read on!!

What is Torque in Bikes?


Torque is nothing but the rotational force that is available at the wheels. In other words, it’s the amount of force or twisting force that is available at the wheels to propel the bike further. Such bikes that consist of lower torque can help in moving the bike at a faster speed while having higher torque can enable the bike to move greater loads.

Such that when you check the specification of the bike, then the engine would have a particular torque figure at a specific RPM. Such that delivering a more significant number of torque at a higher RPM proves to be powerful and the torque deliverability will be higher as well.

What is BHP in Bikes?


BHP, on the other hand, is the rate at which the torque generated by the engine in a bike is delivered to the wheels. Such that faster the deliverability, higher is the speed of the motorcycle and vice versa. For a bike that consists of a lower BHP can pull higher loads and for a bike that contains a greater BHP can propel the bike at faster speeds.

Thus, BHP depends on several factors such as deliverability, weight and power generation of the bike. It’s the most common way of rating a bike and determining which ones might be faster.

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Difference Between BHP & Torque


To help understand the significance of BHP and torque in detail, let’s consider an example. Imagine if two bikes have the following specifications.

  1. 50 horsepower and 200 Nm of torque.
  2. 100 horsepower and 100 Nm of torque.

Thus, when you look at the above-given specifications of two bikes, then for top speed the second one would propel the bike with more excellent acceleration and more significant-top speed. In comparison to the first one, that would have a lower top speed along with a slow acceleration point as well. But with twice the turning force produced, you can expect the bike to pull heavier loads and still maintain its power and deliverability throughout.

Such that when you would maintain the torque and BHP equal, then the bike would have more significant acceleration, reaching higher top speed. But wouldn’t be able to pull heavier loads.

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Final Decision?


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